Hand Arm Vibration Management

Ground-breaking system to more easily and accurately assess and mitigate vibration risk

The Reactec Analytics Platform integrates wearable & online technology to automate the monitoring and reporting of vibration risk.


  • Helps employers comply with 2005 EU vibration exposure regulations
  • Reduces the high level of inaccuracy from assessing exposure
  • Greater protection for workers and employers from HAVS risks

By providing a more representative measure and source of vibration risk, employers can now more easily and effectively identify, reduce and design out exposure risks as required by EU regulations.



Inform & protect
At the start of a shift each operator signs out a personalised HAVwear which informs them of their exposure points and action level thresholds.
At the end of a shift the operator returns their HAVWEAR to a docking station to recharge and transmit data.
Analytics online reports help companies develop more effective controls to reduce exposure risk. The reports include individual worker exposure and related tool use to pinpoint the source of exposure.
Online access to data ensures all duty holders are involved in addressing the risk to employees of HAVS. Securely hosted by Reactec, companies can centrally manage employee access to specific reports.
Reactec Analytics Platform
The Reacetc mobile App monitors real-time work situations, so team leaders and employees responsible for worker welfare can identify and address exposure risks on the ground, and not later.
Managers can add intervention notes as well as log and track HAV control measures against targets.




HAVwear watch  



HAVWEAR has the revolutionary ability to provide a more representative assessment of vibration risk.


The HAVWEAR is a wrist worn device to advise workers of tool vibration risk. The HAVWEAR informs the wearer of their exposure by calculating and displaying in real-time their HSE HAV risk assessment exposure points. Sound and vibration alerts inform the wearer if their personalised exposure thresholds have been exceeded.


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HAV risk mobile App & Bluetooth enabled HAVwear


Monitor your team's HAV exposure to identify & address risk in real-time.

  • Incremental improvements in HAV risk management
  • Supports behavioural change 
  • Real-time assessment of risk
  • Timely intervention instead of at a later date
  • Address issues from poor tool use or performance, work planning and project design.
  Reactec HAV risk mobile App


Analytics reports  

Analytics Reports


All exposure and tool data is saved and transmitted via a docking station to enable employers to view online exposure data - designed to better understand how to reduce and remove the risks.


The HAVs data reports include individual worker exposure and related tool use to pinpoint exposure hot spots. These reports can help prioritise and aid the design and management of risk reduction controls. These controls are required by the HSE to fully comply with the control of vibration at work regulations.


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Control measures management service


Supporting a company’s continual risk reduction plan.


This Control Measures management service is part of the Analytics Platform where managers can add intervention notes as well as log and track HAV control measures against targets. The Control measures management service provides greater analysis of risk reduction activities and review of company set objectives against actual exposure risk.


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  Control measures management service






The HAVWEAR personalises exposure risk and supports worker behavioural change.

Employers better understand the source of exposure and how to address it via tool use, work rotas and project delivery

More workers can be protected due to the reduction of vagueness in assessing risks.

Online access to data ensures all duty holders are involved in addressing the risk to employees of HAVS
The management of risk reduction activity can be data driven and used for Business Information Modelling to design out risks longer term    




Connected Worker Applications



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Why industry needs to go further in the fight against HAVS.

Download the report by a leading industry journalist on the impact of HAVS in industry.




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Hand-Arm Vibration Syndrome: the hidden risk to our workforce

The Telegraph newspaper interview with Reactec on HAVS risk the FM sector.

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Historic Scotland - Andrew Nisbet, Works Manager

“We have introduced the HAVmeters at our sites along the Antonine Wall before rolling it out at our other properties. These sites require constant grounds maintenance and the meters allow us to ensure that staff are not being exposed to excessive levels of vibration. We regularly assess our staff exposure but the meters allow us an extra degree of safety by alerting our teams when the overuse of equipment could be harmful. We have just started using the meters as our summer season starts and will be monitoring the results that they produce. We have found them easy to put in place. They will now be rolled out to teams across other properties, including some of the most famous historic landmarks in the country.”