Control measures management service


Supporting a company’s continual risk reduction plan. 

This Control Measures management service is part of the Analytics Platform where managers can add intervention notes as well as log and track HAV control measures against targets. The Control measures management service provides greater analysis of risk reduction activities and review of company set objectives against actual exposure risk.





Control Measures Analysis

The report displays at a glance the average percentage of ELV for each month along with company HAV reduction targets and planned control measures, to assess their effectiveness.

Companywide and project specific exposure reduction targets can be simply entered into the Analytics platform as well as control measures with target dates and a traffic light status checker. This powerful report provides an overview of the effectiveness of risk reduction actions by the impact on workforce average daily HAV exposure.


Intervention Reports

It’s quick and easy to add intervention notes allocated to individual employees in the Analytics Platform. The report can be filtered by specific groups and operators with a full list of interventions available via the intervention report. 


Intervention Dashboard

Record interventions applied against employee average daily exposure results. The report can be filtered by specific groups and operators with a full list of interventions available via the intervention report.



BAM Nuttall - Roy Jackson, Senior Safety Advisor

“BAM Nuttall has always tried to stay on top of the issue of HAVS and ensure the safety of our workforce. In the past, we were trying to accurately estimate the amount of vibration that staff were exposed to ourselves, but this was a lengthy and time-consuming process and we knew that we needed a better system. “When we first introduced HAVmeters two years ago, we saw them as the best option to use to stay ahead of the game on vibration safety. The devices give us a valuable monitoring system that makes sure we know who is working with what machinery and for how long - and provides us with accurate, detailed records of what our teams are exposed to. “We now use HAVmeters in every project where our staff operate vibrating equipment and it is easily the best system on the market for monitoring HAV exposure. By using this equipment, we ensure that we not only keep our workforce safe from injury but also have a robust defence in place to protect ourselves from liability when it comes to vibration issues.”