Tool Tag Programming
It is the employer’s responsibility to adhere to legal requirements applicable to workplace health and safety and to determine vibration values that are representative of the actual vibration emissions over time.   Further detailed information is available on the HSE web site: or within ISO 5349-2. 
Commonly there are two sources of data to use for the purpose of calculating HAVs exposure points; 
  • the published Manufacturer’s data, or 
  • vibration measurements taken by a competent person in the workplace.
Measurement results can be highly variable, and manufacturer’s test methods may not represent the levels in the workplace.  In either case, the employer should assess the reasonableness of using such values, and the influence of factors such as variation over time, variation by specific task, variation by user, and correct maintenance of tools and accessories.


Historic Scotland - Andrew Nisbet, Works Manager

“We have introduced the HAVmeters at our sites along the Antonine Wall before rolling it out at our other properties. These sites require constant grounds maintenance and the meters allow us to ensure that staff are not being exposed to excessive levels of vibration. We regularly assess our staff exposure but the meters allow us an extra degree of safety by alerting our teams when the overuse of equipment could be harmful. We have just started using the meters as our summer season starts and will be monitoring the results that they produce. We have found them easy to put in place. They will now be rolled out to teams across other properties, including some of the most famous historic landmarks in the country.”