HSE compliance support

The Reactec Analytics Platform is the most effective system to reduce the uncertainty of tool use by providing trigger accurate tool usage reports and related vibration exposure.

The HAVWEAR wearable monitor which is part of the Reactec Analytics Platform also records the actual vibration sensed by the tool operator. This second layer of data can help further reduce the inaccuracy by identifying unexpected levels of vibration. By simply having a more accurate assessment will help the planning of the most effective investment of time and money to mitigate vibration exposure risks.

Measure effectiveness of controls

Accurate and continuous monitoring is helpful to efficiently deploy and validate the effectiveness of controls to effect on-going reduction of risk. Checking regularly that the programme of controls you have introduced is being carried out by your managers and employees is made possible by the Reactec Analytics Platform. The HSE state a digital monitoring system can help audit the success of planned controls. At the click of a button the reports provided by the Reactec Analytics Platform help measure the outcome of exposure risk reduction activity. By accurately measuring vibration and exposure trends across work activities, the effectiveness of an action plan can be more confidently reviewed to support changes that are accountable.

Proactive support of the Hierarchy of controls

1. Redesign work schedules, alternative work methods & tool usage The Reactec Analytics exposure reports range from personalised worker risk to project and tool exposure trends. Employers can more readily and accurately address HAV risks especially when the actual vibration sensed by the tool operator supports a more real-world assessment of risks. This unique data can be used to; a. identify workstation modifications; b. change in work rotas and best use of tools; c. identify poor performing and over utilised tools. 

2. Purchasing policy for replacing old plant & maintenance support The Reactec Analytics exposure reports highlight which tools contribute the most in terms of vibration exposure for best informed decisions on replacement tools. Accurate tool trigger time and real world vibration monitoring supports targeted as well as scheduled maintenance. It also supports replacements planning and highlights redundant tool use. 

3. Daily exposure limits Personal exposure and threshold alerts reduces the guess work to keep workers below HSE required exposure threshold. ID cards required to sign out monitors can also be personalised to an operators specific requirements (example; exposure thresholds can be reduced due to medical issues). 

4. Health screening Having more robust data on an individual’s exposure to vibration provides greater insight and support when health screening employees. More accurate data also allows for more targeted health checks especially for operators with higher than expected levels of exposure.

Robust defence against personal liability claims

Being HSE compliant does not mean you have individual exposure records and becomes “your word against there's” with little proof that the employer kept the claimant below thresholds. The Reactec Analytics Platform supports more conclusive and auditable records for a more robust defence. 

• Continuous monitoring provides more conclusive exposure records.
• Auditable & accurate data for a more robust defence.

Help secure lower insurance premiums

Costs of collating the exposure paperwork takes time and can incur a large cost as part of the process. The Reactec Analytics Platform provides instant download of historical exposure data at the click of a button. Proving a more robust defence and an efficient management of exposure to reduce risk creates a stronger position to negotiate the lowest insurance premiums.

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