Reactec Release Notification - April 2024

Reactec continue their roadmap of system improvements and enhancements. Our latest releases, to both the Reactec Analytics software and the R-Link devices, include the following improvements which we believe may be of benefit to you:

Dust data analysis:

With this release we have added analysis of your overall dust exposure levels to the top-level dashboard. This is a first step to significantly growing the level of analysis of the dust data being collected by the Trolex XD-One and XD-One+ devices. Further enhancements will come in our next two releases.

Interventions against dust exposure data:

Within the administration page Data/Project Manager / Interventions, it is now possible for all levels of administrators to add interventions against dust exposure data. This functionality will again be further advanced in the future with an ability to add and view data on dust interventions within the reports of dust exposure data.

Drilling down on noise exposure data:

The release includes additional functionality to the analysis table of your individual worker's noise exposure levels. If within the table, you identify a worker with exposure that needs further examination, with a single click to an action button, zoom into that individual’s exposure over time.

Reporting of driver watch pairings with beacons:

A new report has been created under the suite of proximity reports for analysing R-Link watch incursions with beacons. This new report gives the granular detail of when watches signed out by workers with credentials to control beacons (such as drivers and banksman), are paired to beacons, allowing you to have a view of who is operating vehicles.

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