Balfour Beatty - Interlink M74 joint venture

“We have made a major investment in the kit and are now seeing the benefits of upfront information on exposure to the workforce.”

Date: December 2008 

Site: M74, Scotland 

Action: With no trial the HAVmeter® was rolled out for work on the £445m contract to complete the M74 motorway in Scotland. 

Result: The data provided by the HAVmeter’s® has been a valuable source of information to the site based Occupational Health provider, concreting their commitment to the high level of safety and health of their workforce.


Lead Advisor for Amey and Hand Arm Vibration Guru - Colin Hogg MICE CMIOSH

“The HAVmeter system has been in use on several of our contracts throughout the UK for over 16 months and has made the capture of exposure data very easy and accurate, facilitating appropriate management of Hand Arm Vibration. The most significant improvement has been in the efficiency and ease with which we now report and monitor exposure to Hand Arm Vibration throughout the whole business. Accurate exposure reports can be generated in seconds giving us as much detail as we require both at contract and board level.”