Carmarthenshire County Council

“The HAVmeter® not only empowers the workforce to personally monitor their own exposure levels but also enables managers to take a practical approach to the management of vibration on a more long term basis.”  

Date: January 2009  

Site: Highways & Grounds Maintenance  

Action: Initial trials proved to the Council how important HAVS management was.  

Result: The HAVmeter® has now enabled the Council to exercise its duty of care, and they have seen a hugely positive response from the workforce.


AMEY North Lanarkshire - Gerry Kennedy, Roads Manager

“Before the HAVmeter, we relied on manual input, with a guy basically using his memory at the end of the day for the time that he has spent using vibratory tools. With the HAVmeter, we have an accurate, user friendly piece of kit which allows us to manage HAV more easily. It really is a Health and Safety Management tool. We have been able to make major savings through cutting out administrative costs.”