Reactec - the award-winning UK market leader in the provision of smart monitoring devices and data analytics of Hand Arm Vibration (HAV*) risk, has appointed construction services expert Fiona Perrin to their Board as a Non-Executive Director.


Fiona has a 30-year executive career in sales, marketing and general management, heading up businesses in the construction and services sector including those at HSS Hire Group and Rentokil Initial, before becoming a private company and PLC Board Director. Fiona is currently Chairman of Independent Builders Merchants Group and non-executive director at Coastline Housing, complementing her expertise for Reactec. Fiona is also a novelist and business journalist.  

Roger Adcock, Chairman at Reactec, said: “We are thrilled to have Fiona join our Board. She brings with her strong commercial and leadership expertise. Fiona’s experience will be invaluable as Reactec seek to develop their messaging to be effective in encouraging and enabling employers to reduce the risk of their employee’s exposure to HAV.  We warmly welcome her to the Board.”

Commenting on her appointment, Fiona Perrin said: “I am proud to join the Board of Reactec. Through my work in a number of sectors, it is clear that industry is just not doing enough to minimise the likelihood of employees developing this irreversible life changing disease. I am looking forward to doing what I can to raise the profile of this issue with the Board of Reactec.”

Launched in 2016, HAVwear is a wearable wrist worn device that monitors in real time an individual’s exposure to vibration when using power tools. Reactec’s cloud-based analytics then turns the monitored data in to actionable intelligence that allows employers to prioritise and make effective the necessary controls to reduce that risk based on unprecedented insight. HAVwear has enjoyed significant sales since its launch and is in use by a number of leading companies in the UK, including British Airways, Murphy Group, Morgan Sindall, Balfour Beatty, the Environment Agency, Siemens and Babcock. Reactec is also targeting other industry sectors both in the UK and internationally.

* Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome (HAVS), which is also known as Vibration White Finger, is the highest reported industrial disease in the UK. The condition is usually caused by the prolonged use of power hand tools, whose vibrations can damage the blood vessels, nerves, muscles and joints of the hand, wrist and arm. 300,000 people in the UK suffer from the condition, for which there is no known cure, only prevention.


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About Reactec

  • Reactec is the award-winning UK market leader in the provision of monitoring devices and a management information reporting platform of Hand Arm Vibration (HAV) risk - the cause of one of the most common industrial diseases in the UK, Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome (HAVS) – also known as Vibration White Finger. 
  • Reactec’s Analytics Platform which includes the HAVwear is an automated solution for employers to monitor and manage vibration exposure risks. The HAVwear is worn on the wrist of the tool user and exposure and tool data is transmitted online to provide companies with digital reports of their workforce exposure to potentially harmful levels of vibration. This product has c.50% market share of HAV monitoring devices sold in the UK. @reactec
  • Reactec has recently released a whitepaper documenting the results of their performance tests of HAVwear –

What is HAV / HAVS?

  • Hand Arm Vibration (HAV) is the cause of one of the most common industrial disease in the UK, Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome (HAVS) – also known as Vibration White Finger – with estimates that over 2 million UK workers are currently exposed to vibration over the HSE limit (source: HSE).
  • There is no cure for HAVS, there is only prevention (source: HSE).
  • 2 million* people in the UK are at risk of HAVs. But currently there are under 100,000** using monitoring systems, around 5% (source: *HSE **Reactec).
  • 139% surge in disease related employee personal liability claims (2011 – 2014, Weightmans)
  • 42% rise in the number of ‘Hand Arm Vibration’ non-compliances recorded through 20,000 site inspections in 2016 (source: BSG).
  • There are 300,000 people suffering from HAVS in the UK (source: HSE).
  • Successful HAVS related industrial disability claims have increased by 69% in last eight years (Industrial Injuries Disablement Benefit).



Tarmac - Paul Fleetham, National Contracting Director

“Paper based systems never really worked, the HAVmeter replaced that system with the latest technology which allows us to accurately measure and monitor our employees’ exposure to HAVS.” “After rolling it out we are seeing a positive result from the workforce who like the system and think it is easy to use. It’s great for self monitoring and the tool tags can also be used as a tracking device.” “It’s very difficult to quantify what sort of amount of exposure an individual has had - the HAVmeter is the perfect solution”