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Skanska Utilities

Skanska Utilities is a leading provider of utility infrastructure and asset management, covering key sectors in telecommunications, gas, power and water. Adopting Reactec’s HAVmeter system to monitor Hand Arm Vibration has resulted in a significant increase in worker protection and productivity for the business.

Shane O’Brien, Health and Safety Advisor for Skanska Utilities, said:

"We’re currently working on a project in the South East of England putting electrical circuits into an existing tunnel which is four miles long. This involves drilling to install 3,000 wall brackets, as well as engineering services and groundwork projects, excavating, reinstating, and resurfacing. The range of tools used to complete this work, such as whacker plates, disc cutters, rollers and many other types of vibrating tools, means that Hand Arm Vibration (HAV) is a big issue for us and presents a significant risk to our employees.

"Until now, we had been using a paper based system for HAV monitoring, in-line with the guidelines set out by the HSE. We found, however, that self-monitoring by individual employees was not the most accurate way of working. Exposure time might be rounded up or down, resulting in significant inaccuracies over a period of time."

Skanska Utilities implemented the HAVmeter system, the industry standard for monitoring and managing Hand Arm Vibration exposure and operator tool management, in March 2012 as a way of easily and accurately recording employees’ exposure to vibration. The HAVmeter completely automates the entire monitoring, data collection and reporting process – from operator exposure levels to detailed records of tool usage – so managers can proactively manage HAVS risk, plan efficient tool allocation, and improve worker efficiency.

Shane said: "Improving business practices and the health and safety of our employees are always priorities for Skanska. Since introducing the HAVmeter, we have found that vibration exposure recordings are far more accurate, and the system is very easy to use. We have seen increased productivity for every employee using the equipment, resulting in significant benefits to the business and could help mitigate Hand Arm Vibration claims in the future"

"Previously, our production rates had been eight brackets per day, but now we manage to achieve 10 – 12 brackets per day, which ultimately means, with no other delays we can reduce our project delivery times".

"The HAVmeter has gone down really well, and the individual reports provided for each tool operator have proved to be invaluable both to our employees as individuals, in terms of their health and wellbeing and to Skanska from a business operations perspective".



“…invaluable both to our employees as individuals, in terms of their health and wellbeing and to Skanska from a business operations perspective”.