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Go green online meetings are part of our sustainability policy to reduce carbon emmisions by reducing travel.

An online meeting requires nothing to install or setup and by simply clicking a link provided by Reactec a meeting can be attended. Within 60 days of your online meeting you will qualify for a GOGREEN 10% discount on all hardware.
All meeting attendees will also receive;
  • HAVS risk awareness posters*.
  • Entry into a draw to receive a HAVRISK Kit worth £1,875.00** (see terms & conditions).
  • 10% discount on subsequent HAVwear hardware purchase***.


BOOK A MEETING - Select here or phone Reactec 0131 221 0930 to request an online meeting


*The posters include 4 x A4 posters and delivered by post
**Draw for a HAVRISK Kit – Only 1 entry per person. Draw will be made 20th December 2018. Details of HAVRISK Kit include 4 HAVwear devices, straps, holders and cards. 10 tool tags & 2 exposure reports for 2 years. See prize draw terms and conditions. The winning recipient will be required to agree to the terms and conditions of the HAVRISK Kit before obtaining delivery.

***10% discount is for HAVwear modules, holders, straps & Docking stations. Discount is for 1 purchase only, following a online meeting and is valid for 3 months post the date of the initial online meeting




Brochure download


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Control measures derived from HAVwear data could be more effective in reducing HAVS risk than a point-in-time tool vibration emission data.
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  Largest UK research into HAVS exposure data

Organisations may be underestimating the risk significantly for some operators under current guidance on regulation.
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  Summary of regulations and HSE guidance on HAVS

Summary of requirements of The Control of Vibration at Work Regulations 2005 (Regulations) and related HSE guidance, with respect to assessing daily exposure to Hand-Arm Vibration (HAV).
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  IOM report on the validity of HAVwear data

An independent report by the IOM on the validity of the data produced by Reactec’s  HAVwear to inform a suitable and sufficient risk assessment.
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