COVID-19 Business As Usual

These are difficult times for business as we come to terms with the disruption that COVID-19 is creating for us all. Here at Reactec we’re doing as much as we can to ensure that we continue to operate on a Business as Usual footing. We’re working hard to provide as much support for our customers as we can and we’re even offering a special Business As Usual (BAU) bundled price that is 34% off our list price to keep HAV management as high up your list of priorities as we can.

Why are we offering this discount?

Whilst we recognise COVID-19 will have an impact on everyone’s business, we also understand that investing in HAV management may move to a lower priority. 
Reactec want to support your ability to decide on a more efficient and effective HAV management system and support BAU despite the challenges around us, so that’s why we’re offering discounts and deployment support measures to ease your deliberations.

34% Discount Bundles

15 HAVwear bundle*
Discount price £4,972.05
Saving of £2,516.34 off list price.  

Prices do not include VAT.

Discount applied at checkout. 
  8 HAVwear bundle**
Discount price £3,048.96
Saving of £1,585.60 off list price. 

Prices do not include VAT.

Discount applied at checkout.



What's included and your benefits

Bundle items Your benefits
15 and 4 HAVwear BAU bundles (see item list below)  Everything in one bundle to fully deploy the HAVwear system
Free Training Training to be implemented any time up to 6 months after purchase. (Training can be effectively delivered online as desired)
No charge for first 6 months of annual software DaaS  Free service and support for your continued operations
2-year warranty on all hardware Additional 1 year warranty for peace of mind
Free of charge post data review  Ensuring you get the benefits from the intelligent reporting


*15 HAVwear bundle items include:

15 x HAVwear, 15 x 1 year DaaS subscriptions, 1 x 15 bay Docking station, 20 x HAVwear holders, 20 x wrist straps, 20 ID cards, 50 x  Tool Tags, 1 x RFID read/writer, Tag and card manager software, 1 x vibration database license & training***.

**8 HAVwear bundle items include:

8 x HAVwear, 8 x 1 year DaaS subscriptions, 2 x 4 bay Docking station, 10 x HAVwear holders, 10 x wrist straps, 10 ID cards, 50 x  Tool Tags, 1 x RFID read/writer, Tag and card manager software, 1 x vibration database license & training***.

***Training delivery preference to be confirmed as part of order confirmation from either option below and are applicable for each order as opposed to each bundle. 

  1. Onsite training & installation day which will cover hardware & analytics training

  2. 1 x online installation training session, 1 x online analytics training session

NOTE: DaaS subscriptions require to be renewed on an annual basis to access the Reactec Analytics on-line reporting software




Business As Usual offers

How to order

If you have not traded with Reactec we will acknowledge your order and email a customer agreement for completion and signatory by an authorised company representative to process your order.


Simply email your purchase order to we will acknowledge receipt of your order

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