A visual alert to heighten awareness

Protect your employees with smart exclusion zone and personal visual alert technology

The iNDiCATOR is an invaluable addition to your Reactec fleet of HAVWEAR watches and configurable to provide either:


Help stop employees coming into contact with dangerous equipment.


Indicate the risk status of any sensor within the Reactec ecosystem.

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Key features

The iNDiCATOR is fully integrated with the Reactec ecosystem and built on proven technology. All breach data is automatically collected and distributed to appropriate duty holders in full compliance with GDPR. Devices are allocated daily on demand.

Auto-creation of exclusion zone. Smart zones are only created during equipment use avoiding unnecessary exclusion zones.

Key Features of a Smart Exclusion zone

  • Smart detection of active exclusion zones
  • Customisable range
  • Real time worker alerts
  • Near miss analytics to improve controls
  • Rechargeable battery lasts c 12 hours p/c
  • Waterproof to IP67

Key Features of a Personal visual alert

  • Instant visual alert of threshold breach
  • Line of sight awareness of operator status
  • Compatible with multiple supported sensors
  • Rechargeable battery lasts c 12 hours p/c
  • Waterproof to IP67


For more information, download the Reactec iNDiCATOR brochure

How it works

Smart Exclusion Zone

Simply place an iNDiCATOR onto a piece of equipment and only during use, an exclusion zone is instantly created around the equipment. Roaming employees breaching the exclusion zone are detected triggering warnings to the roaming employee and the equipment user. Exclusion zone breach data becomes a rich repository of near misses within the Reactec Analytics to inform control measures.

How does smart exclusion zone work?

1. A tool operator signs out an iNDiCATOR (Light status: Green)

2. Places the iNDiCATOR into a holder attached to a tool (Light status: Green)

3. HAVWEAR and iNDiCATOR detect vibration and set up an exclusion zone around the tool (Light status: Amber)

4. When a colleague with a HAVWEAR watch breaches the exclusion zone, both the HAVWEAR and the equipment users HAVWEAR will sound an alert and vibrate while the iNDiCATOR light flashes red (Light status: Red)

*While in the field the iNDiCATOR can be unpaired from one employee and paired to a new employee

5. The HAVWEAR watch and iNDiCATOR are returned to a docking station at the end of a shift for automatic data transmission to the Reactec Analytics on-line reporting. The Reactec Analytics does the heavy lifting for you to turn near miss data into informed controls.

Attaching the iNDiCATOR to equipment

An iNDiCATOR holder can be screwed to the equipment or fixed with adhesives or cable ties. The iNDiCATOR then easily clips into the holder to be securely held during the equipment's use.

Personal visual alert

Visual warning to heighten employee awareness and provide supervisors a line of site view of risk status.

By adding this low-cost visual indicator to your Reactec ecosystem you have real-time visual alerts for workers and colleagues. Now real-time intervention becomes possible with a line-of-sight view of a deteriorating risk status. For example, the iNDiCATORs light colour can reflect a HAVWEAR determined HAV exposure level.

Visual risk status of any sensor within the Reactec ecosystem

Get in touch for more information

If you have any questions or would like to discuss iNDiCATOR, there a few ways to get in touch. We are happy to discuss your occupational safety issues - it could be a 1-2-1 virtual chat or a health and safety group meeting with your entire team - we're here to help!

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