R-Link - Proximity

Preventing dangerous proximity to hazards

R-Link - a multi function proximity warning system

With over 20 years’ experience in preventing workplace health and safety issues, Reactec introduce R-Link, our third generation workplace wearable with expanded functionality. Our new R-Link smart watch provides enhanced capability from our original HAVS monitoring wearable, HAVWEAR, to protect your workforce from multiple industrial risks on a single device.

Here we will focus on R-Link as a proximity warning systems but visit here to find what else we can do.

The R-Link eco-system and cloud-based analytics are easy to deploy, and simple to use. With advanced technology, R-Link allows you to alert workers to dangerous proximity to hazards while the Reactec Analytics gives you unprecedented insight into employee behaviour and near miss trends to design safer work environments.

Proximity warnings

R-Link can help keep workers safe from straying too close to vehicles or equipment. Using the latest ultrawide band technology (UWB) for fast and accurate detection, alerts workers to impending dangers.

Alerts and insights

Employee alerts alone is not enough. Reactec Analytics provide intelligent insights on the who, where and how often near-misses occur allowing you to prevent future problems.   

Flexible safe zones

Use simple low cost RFID tags to mark areas where employees can operate safely close to vehicles such as barriered walkways. By signing into a safe zone, alerts to the user are silenced and the data recorded as time within safe areas.

Protect drivers

Drivers who move around vehicles need protected when out of their vehicles. Assign a watch with “driver” credentials to allow a driver to be alerted to other vehicles but silence his own vehicles beacons. Also choose whether he is alerted when pedestrians approach his vehicle.

Authorised close working

Allow drivers to give selective permission to approach his vehicle. A digital thumbs acknowledged instantly.. Just as quickly revoke permissions or silence all alarms when the vehicles is put in a safe state.

Live exclusion zone changes

Give specific beacon admin credentials to instantly change the exclusion range of any beacon actively deployed in the field. The responsible person follows safe systems of work before pairing to the beacon and amending it’s range.

Ferrovial Construction adopted R-Link's proximity warning system to improve the safety of employees working close to moving vehicles at Heathrow Airport. Read our case study to learn more:

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For more information on how our proximity warning systems can create safer work environments contact Reactec today.


The R-Link proximity warning system can be installed onto a wide range of different machine types and manufacturers. Our solution can be found across industries ranging from construction and rail, to warehousing and ports.

R-Link proximity warning in action

In this video, we demonstrate how R-Link's proximity detection capability can keep workers safe from straying dangerously close to moving vehicles or active equipment using the latest ultrawide band technology for fast and accurate detection. The video also demonstrates how employers can use the Reactec Analytics to provide intelligent insight into the who, where and how often near-misses occur.  

Reactec Analytics - Turning Near Miss and Close Proximity Activity into actionable Intelligence

Manage multiple risks in a single location

Risk profile insight per individual on a Red-Amber-Green basis

Intelligent heat mapping to show high risk incursion zones

View trend data on total proximity exposure over time

Use on a sampling basis to get a view of typical plant interactions

GPS data is logged via the plant beacon

League table on proximity events by operational location

Drill into granular detail to understand near hit analytics

Easily filter by worker or machine

Ecosystem - How it Works

R-Link is a holistic eco-system to link you to your employees, dependent only on an internet connection through a public mobile phone network or local wi-fi.

Assign an R-Link watch at the start of the working day. Your employee or visitor’s credentials, as entered in the Reactec Analytics software, will then control what type of protection they receive throughout the day.

Use R-Link beacons to create a no-go zone around dangerous plant.

A single R-Link gateway at the watch charging areas, automatically and safely transmits data to the powerful cloud-based Reactec Analytics software under GDPR compliance.

The Reactec Analytics turns the R-Link data on risk levels, near misses and employee activity into intelligence to create a safer, more sustainable work environment.

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For more information on how our proximity warning systems can create safer work environments contact Reactec today.

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