Reactec Analytics

Reactec Analytics turns exposure data into actionable intelligence

Reactec’s Analytics software is the heart of Reactec’s ecosystem. 

Reactec’s ecosystem includes devices to automatically collate and securely transmit data to Microsoft Azure databases where the Reactec Analytics does the heavy lifting to turn data into actionable intelligence.

Reactec selected Microsoft Azure as they provide an uncompromising commitment to data privacy, investing over $1billion in security R&D. Backed by a team of 3,500 cyber security experts, they offer the most comprehensive set of compliance offerings of any cloud provider.

Reactec developed sensor technologies and third party devices can all feed into the Reactec Analytics.

Web hosted, the reports are designed to highlight what matters most in turning your gathered sensor risk data into risk prevention strategies. Available 24/7, GDPR compliant and securely hosted by Reactec.

Turning exposure data into actionable intelligence requires the ability to find information that matters to your business.

Managers and team leaders can view a wide variety of online Analytics reports 24/7 on demand to be informed of their employee monitored risk data. From head office to remote locations only an internet connection and computer are required to view the online reports. Or let the Reactec Analytics do the heavy lifting and automatically send e-mail alerts in response to high risk events and at your desired cadence provide selected KPI reports via email. Be fully in control of your GDPR responsibilities with a robust administration structure to manage access to all your employee data.

Reactec Ecosystem

API Integration

The Reactec Analytics API integration enables you to ingest worker risk data, on exposure to vibration and dangerous proximity to operating hazards, from our cloud-based Analytics platform into your Management Information Systems.  

API integration enables you to:

  • Improve corporate visibility of workplace health and safety risks
  • Streamline workflows and automate manual processes
  • Record business-critical data in a central repository
  • Prevent data silos stored in disparate systems
  • Integrate personal risk data with EHS systems

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How it works

A web hosted service means no footprint on your IT systems and the Analytics reports are accessed via an internet connection and secure login. The data is encrypted during transmission while the hosted data server is provided with access controls as used by many Government organisations.

More time to actively reduce risks

With easy access to operator exposure risks, managers can utilise their time to proactively manage risk far more efficiently than using a manual process.

Involves all duty holders

The Reactec Analytics reports are created automatically and easily distributed to all duty holders providing wider and easier access to information. This helps increase awareness throughout a company of the measure of controls and activities to revise them. The simple and concise reports help employees understand employee risk levels and how to better manage them both reactively to daily occurrence and proactively to overall trends. They also demonstrate a company values the importance of worker welfare and team work.

More accurate assessment of exposure to deploy more effective controls

Through a clearer understanding of the source and levels of exposure and related working practises; the Reactec Analytics will provide greater accuracy and insight to enable employers to design out exposure risk through work planning.

Analytics demonstration

Watch how to leverage data and gain insights from Reactec Analytics to help reduce risks

Control measures

Supporting a company’s continual risk reduction plan.

This Control Measures Management service is part of the Reactec Analytics where managers can add intervention notes as well as log and track control measures against targets. The Control Measures Management service provides greater analysis of risk reduction activities and review of company set objectives against actual exposure risk.

Control Measures Analysis

Control Measures Analysis

The report displays at a glance the average daily exposure against reduction targets and planned control measures, to assess their effectiveness. Companywide and project specific exposure reduction targets can be simply entered into the Reactec Analytics as well as control measures with target dates and a traffic light status checker. This powerful report provides an overview of the effectiveness of risk reduction actions by the impact on workforce average daily exposure.

Intervention Reports

Intervention Reports

It’s quick and easy to add intervention notes allocated to individual employees in the Reactec Analytics. Categorise interventions to better analyse priority areas. Electronically sign to acknowledge interventions and exposure records using a mouse, stylus or touchscreen.

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Hierarchy of Control

Reactec Analytics reports - Greater support of the hierarchy of controls

With a clearer understanding of the source and levels of exposure the Reactec Analytics plays a central role in providing the most representative exposure assessment of risks and insight to enable employers to prioritise and mitigate risks – proactively at all levels and stages.

Measure effectiveness of controls

Accurate and targeted monitoring is helpful to efficiently deploy and validate the effectiveness of controls to effect on-going reduction of risk. Check regularly that the programme of controls you have introduced is being carried out by your managers and employees.

Example: Use the reports to see if the levels of exposure are reducing over time.

Alternative work methods

From measuring exposure risk as part of an assessment use the reports to more accurately identify areas of risk and where to look for alternative work methods which eliminate or reduce exposure to vibration. Your trade association, other industry contacts, equipment suppliers and trade journals may help you identify good practice in your industry. Mechanise or automate the work.

Example: Use a breaker attachment on an excavating machine to break concrete rather than using a hand-held breaker. Visit the HSE website for further examples.

Equipment selection

Reports help select or allocate equipment for tasks that can do the work efficiently. Details of tools used and by which operators during a selected time period. View and compare tool vibration magnitudes of tools used to help select the lowest vibration tools that are suitable and can do the work efficiently.

Equipment that is unsuitable, too small or not powerful enough is likely to take much longer to complete the task and expose employees to vibration for longer than is necessary. Limit the use of high-vibration tools wherever possible.

Example: To cut large holes in brickwork, use a diamond-tipped hole-cutting drill bit with a rotary action rather than a tungsten-tipped hole bit which requires rotary and hammer action.

Maintenance & purchasing policy for replacing old plant

View which make and model of tools contribute the most in terms of vibration exposure points and how long tools have been used. This can help maintenance scheduling, plan replacements and identify poor tool use. Work equipment is likely to be replaced over time as it becomes worn out, and it is important to choose replacements, so far as is reasonably practicable, which are suitable for the work, efficient and of lower vibration.

Examples: If a breaker has vibration-isolating handles, check how the machine must be operated to ensure the reduced vibration levels are achieved in use and ensure your operators have the necessary training. .

Check and sharpen chainsaw teeth regularly (following the manufacturer’s recommendations) to maintain the chainsaw's efficiency and to reduce the time it takes to complete the work.

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