Safety as a Service

A tailored plan to spread your costs

Reactec Safety as a Service Plan

Access Reactec’s compliant HAV management technology the easy way, with a no hassle monthly payment plan, for as little as £12.66 per month per HAVWEAR.

Reactec, while recognised as the leaders in HAV monitoring technology, want to ensure clients gain the full benefits from investing in Reactec by supporting our clients through the life cycle of the equipment. We know that health risk management is a long-term commitment and believe our technology and expertise can make a difference in engineering out risk and therefore preventing damage to health in the workplace.

Using our combined expertise in electronic, environmental and data engineering we've built an eco-system of tough workplace wearables linked to cloud-based data analytics that will help you reimagine risk control. And we can bring this to you in a simple fully supported opex model avoiding major up front capex costs.

Reactec recognise that capex constraints can challenge investment decisions in technology particularly in health risk management. We also recognise that the pace of technology innovation can result in outdated assets. To ease concerns on both, Reactec are offering our ecosystem of health risk monitoring and data management as a holistic monthly service charge. Reactec’s Safety as a Service plan gives you peace of mind, hassle free payments, spread over 3 years. There’s no capital expenditure, therefore no assets.

And we can tailor the plan to match your needs.

Reactec Service Plans - which one is right for you?

Entry LevelStandard LevelPremium Level
For those clients looking for a basic risk assessment or sporadic solutionFor companies who want to empower your local management with intuitive reportingFor those wanting the ultimate support and insight to tool utilisation
*Monthly costs per person based on small scale deployment. Additional nominal consumable cost per person required at deployment.

*Monthly costs per person based on small scale deployment. Additional nominal consumable cost per person required at deployment.

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So why choose a Safety as a Service plan from Reactec?

Fully supported

Reactec experts will be available through the term of your contract to offer guidance and provide latest tips on best practise use of Reactec’s technology.

No asset to depreciate

Reactec recognise that capex constraints can impact investment decisions in health risk management. Don’t hold back in modernising your management of HAV risk through the Reactec SaaS plan.

Brand new equipment every 3 years

Technology is constantly advancing. With a service plan be assured of receiving the latest technology on renewal every 3 years.

Low monthly payments

Spread the cost of owning the equipment over 36 monthly payments with only 4 required as an initial outlay.

Avoid maintenance costs

Our electronics are used in arduous environments. Be reassured of no quibble replacement of faulty equipment and avoiding performance issues of product approaching end of life.

Fixed known cost

Regular fixed monthly payments take the hassle out of cash budgeting and management. Sign up to a direct debit and earn a 2.5% discount over the term of your contract.

Cost Comparison of Using Reactec's Systems

  • The cost of collecting manual records is £400 per person per year, based on 5 mins per worker per day to record and 10 mins per worker per week to administer
  • The cost of a manual risk assessment is £184 compared to £60 when supported with HAVWEAR
  • The average liability claim per worker is £30,000
  • HSE fines have increased threefold in recent years

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