How it Works


ATEX HAVMETER - How it works

System requirements

All items below are required when using the Reactec Analytics Platform.




Personal dosimeter displays real time exposure points and visible traffic lights warning system when EAV and ELV levels are exceeded.


The ATEX HAVmeter is the size and shape of a pager. At the start of each shift, the operative signs out an ATEX HAVmeter from the Basestation with their personalised card. All tools are fitted with Tool Tags which connect magnetically with the ATEX HAVmeter. Once attached, the HAVmeter calculates and displays the total HSE vibration points in real-time, accompanied by an LED traffic light system based on the HSE’s regulations.


2. Basestation + Comms Module

Basestation recharges up to 8 ATEX HAVmeters and downloads each operators exposure and tool data onto the Basestation before it is automatically transmitted online to the Reactec Analytics reporting software with the Comms module in built GPRS function..

  • Wireless ATEX HAVmeter charging and data download.
  • The Base station stores up to a maximum of 8 HAVmeters.
  • Can be wall mounted; used in office; or in vans (by using a 12 volt power cable).
  • Operative can swipe into system using ID cards
  • Data is downmloaded from ATEX HAVMETERS and transmitted via GPRS technology online via a Communications Module fitted to the back of the Basestation.


ID cards

4. ID cards

Unique swipe cards are required for each operator to be able to swipe out a ATEX HAVmeter. Each swipe card is programmed to hold an operative’s ID number and exposure thresholds. 


5. Tool Tags

The ATEX black tool tag plus non ATEX red, orange and green colour-coded tool tags are small, extremely rugged components which are attached to every tool. The Tool Tags are programmed to hold tool make and model, unique tool ID reference and average tool vibration value. When a HAVmeter is attached to the Tool Tag this information is transferred to the ATEX HAVmeter to record the usage of that particular tool.

Tool Tags


Analytics reports


6. Analytics reports

The Analytics Reporting system is hosted by Reactec and customers are provided with the ability to manage their own employee access. The reports include individual worker exposure and related tool use to pinpoint exposure hot spots. Also over the longer term the reports can be used to manage the exposure of the whole works force and so impact positively on health management.



Sir Robert McAlpine

“Overall we have already seen a dramatic drop in exposure since we deployed the Reactec Analytics Platform. It made tangible an invisible risk and helped us immediately refine and better design our measure of controls”.