A unique, practical and low cost HAV risk assessment kit

For employers that need an effective and practical solution to address the challenges of assessing Hand Arm Vibration exposure. The HAVRISK Kit will guide you through the process in compliance with The Vibration at Work Regulations 2005 and HSE guidance and includes unique technology to allow risk to be more easily identified.

The HAVRISK kit includes wrist worn monitors and automated daily exposure report straight to your inbox. The HAVRISK Kit also includes a straight forward risk assessment guide so all activity and notes can be compiled to meet HSE guidance. 
The most advanced wrist worn device to collect detailed information on HAV exposure to calculate and display personal daily exposure points 
Plug and play technology keeps it simple
  • Novel technology to indicate real tool use vibration data.
  • Nothing to install, setup or program.
  • No need to attach monitors to tools.
  • Self-contained system not reliant on third party devices.
  • Automated data transfer and exposure reports to your email inbox.
  • Reports available for 2 years.
  • Hardware 1 year warranty.
  • Hardware life expectancy 2 to 3 years.

Compliance support
Readily assess HAV risk following The Vibration at Work Regulations 2005 and HSE guidance 

Easy to use & cost effective 
A practical and easy to use yet low cost HAV risk assessment kit

Informed design of controls
 A more representative assessment of risk to improve targeting controls



Purchase online : Cost £1,875

It' easy to order and the HAVRISK Kit includes an instruction guide and support details.
When ordering simply add who will receive the exposure data reports and which tools are to be tracked.

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Assessing tool usage across a variety of applications while obtaining a representative tool vibration magnitude can be challenging!   The HSE also state a manual risk assessment will have a high level of uncertainty and employees are also unlikely to be able to provide this information reliably!    Without a truly representative knowledge of operator daily exposure, the likelihood of effectively applying controls to keep HAVs exposure below required levels is extremely low!

HAVwear’s unique ability to monitor real-time vibration risk can highlight exposure which could otherwise remain undetected. With a simple to follow guide to carry out an initial risk assessment of Hand Arm Vibration, HAVRISK Kit has been specifically designed for organisations looking for a fast, easy to follow and effective risk assessment of HAV exposure. 


The HAVRISK Kit is ideal to support both an existing risk management policy (to gain greater insight into exposure risk by reducing the guess work of tool usage and related exposure) and for an initial risk assessment.



What’s in the HAVRISK Kit?



Easy to follow and comprehensive risk assessment guide



Receive two daily exposure assessment reports straight to your inbox


4 wrist worn exposure monitors to capture HAV exposure risk


Docking station to recharge and transmit data


10  Pre-programmed and self-adhesive smart labels to attach to tools to readily track source of risk


Ready reckoners to compare and consider expected risk with monitored risk


4  Pre-programmed ID cards to allocate monitoring devices to individuals


Operator poster and guides


HAVwear is more than just a tool timer
Second sight data to identify hidden exposure risk
The HAVWEAR is a wearable wrist device which tracks & calculates in real-time an individual’s HAV exposure. Daily exposure risk is calculated using a tools pre-defined vibration magnitude and length of time the tool is in use to calculate exposure points in accordance with The Control of Vibration at Work regulations 2005 and with HSE guidance. 
The HAVwear is unique as it allows you to check your assessment against secondary risk data by determining the real-time vibration exposure experienced by the wearer. With this additional insight, more effective controls can be developed to reduce HAV exposure risk, by highlighting issues previously undetected by generic risk assessments.
Read the IOM report on the validity of the HAVwear data www.reactec.com/iom_report




How the HAVRISK Kit works?


Use the guide and forms included to document the process of a risk assessment   Deploy the HAVwear system to monitor exposure by attaching smart labels to tools, assign HAVwear devices to tool operators and receive by email exposure data reports   Enter the exposure data into your risk assessment documentation to compare with initial assessment estimates to support the development of a measure of controls.







How do I purchase the HAVRISK Kit?

The HAVRISK Kit is available to purchase online by credit or purchase order (a customer agreement form is required to be completed before a purchase can be made with a purchase order).


What training is provided?

The HAVRISK Kit is designed as a simple and practical system of use. The user guide explains how to use the forms as part of a risk assessment and a user poster explains on how to use the monitoring system. 


How many tools can be tracked?

The HAVRISK Kit has a default 10 smart tags included which you can select during the online purchase process. Additional tags can be purchased. Note: Once attached to tools, Tags cannot be removed and reapplied. 


How many operators can use the HAVwear devices?

There is no limit to how many operators can use a HAVwear device consecutively. A HAVwear device requires an ID card (included in the HAVRISK Kit) to sign out and allocate a HAVwear device to a single employee for a risk assessment.   


Who receives the exposure data reports?

Up to 3 recipients can automatically receive the exposure data reports. During the online purchase process you will be requested to enter up to 3 email recipients. 


What are the exposure data reports?

There are two types of reports that are produced daily. 

  1. An "Operator daily exposure" report contains each tool operators total exposure points from the previous day. 
  2. A "Spot check" report lists in time order the duration and exposure from each tool used and by which operator ID.


What after sales support do you provide?

Reactec are available during office hours and provide email support.


What forms are included in the KAVRISK Kit? 

As well as an easy to follow risk assessment guide a ready reckoner to compare expected and monitored risk data is included as well as forms to complete a risk assessment.


What's the difference between the HAVRISK Kit and the Reactec Analytics Platform

The main difference is the HAVRISK Kit is designed to support a risk assessment which involves sample monitoring of HAV exposure risk. The Reactec Analytics Platform can help companies gain a wider understanding of their organisations HAV exposure and how to better address the risk as stated below.

Expand risk assessments across a workforce
Support larger deployments of HAVwear devices. 

Greater support of “Plan, Do, Check, Act” process
Facilitate more timely monitoring of exposure to measure effectiveness of controls for continuous reduction of worker HAVS exposure risk.

Personalised employee risk management
Personalised ID cards to gain insights into individual employee risk.

Support all levels of the hierarchy of controls
A wider range of reports to identify the source of exposure to mitigate and reduce residual risk.


Involve more stakeholders in risk mitigation
Unlimited users and 24/7 access to online and email reports.

Real-time supervisor intervention
HAV risk mobile App to address issues in the field.

Intervention logging and control measures management
Track and measure effectiveness of controls & log interventions.

Predictive & preventative tool maintenance & management
Trigger & duration timed tool tracking & reporting.

More robust defence against litigation
Continuous monitoring provides more conclusive exposure records, instantly accessed & auditable.



Can I upgrade from the HAVRISK Kit to the Reactec Analytics Platform?

HAVRISK Kit users can be readily upgraded to take full advantage of the benefits and features of the Reactec Analytics Platform (additional fees apply).






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An independent report by the IOM on the validity of the data produced by Reactec’s  HAVwear to inform a suitable and sufficient risk assessment




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GAP Group - Malcolm Campbell, Health & Safety Manager

“We’ve been working with the HAVmeter system for the past few years as part of our ongoing commitment to reducing hand arm vibration injuries. It is an impressive tool that provides the best way to monitor vibration levels and ensure HSE levels are not exceeded – which is why are now able to program and install the HAVmeter tags on tools in all of our UK depots.”