RASOR is a device to help companies achieve greater regulatory compliance while enhancing the health and safety of field operatives and lone workers.





It’s an ideal device for employers who have multiple risks being monitored on disparate systems or have lone or mobile workers at risk from HAV exposure.

In addition to capturing real-time, multiple workforce risks RASOR can provide help to remote and lone workers with location information, slips/trips and fall detection.
  • Real-time visibility of workers’ health risks and safety issues including HAV & noise.
  • Immediate alerts for field supervisor and offsite manager intervention.
  • Seamlessly aggregate, visualize and manage risk data via a single operational view.
  • Alarms for immediate support to panic and man down detection.
Reactec is building on its leading position in personal HAV exposure monitoring and management to provide connected worker technologies that allow customers to make work environments safer.




Track health and safety issues from lone workers to teams of employees
exposed to a variety of risks and who utilise multiple sensors. 



Lone workers can range from a construction worker alone for only a few minutes, a grounds maintenance crew member working out of sight, to a utility worker responding to call outs.  

RASOR can support these activities and associated risks, by monitoring slips, trips and falls, man down alarms and panic situations for complete piece of mind. 
Utilising mobile phone signals, RASOR can communicate an employee’s GPS tracked location and via Reactec’s Analytics, trigger a range of response level service packages
- 24/7 coverage for a tailored suite of alarms; 
-  Check-in and Check-out; 
-  Automatic Man-down; 
-  User driven Panic.


Site and remote supervisor By assigning a RASOR to either a field supervisor or team member, the RASOR will automatically gather live exposure data from all their teams’ health risk sensors within range, including but not limited to Reactec’s HAVwear.

The RASOR user and remote management will be automatically alerted to any exposure breaches for immediate over the shoulder intervention.
The RASOR transmits exposure data along with location information to the cloud based Reactec Analytics every 15 minutes so remote supervisors can have full visibility of their team’s location and exposure risk levels.


By assigning a RASOR to a high risk individual exposed to multiple risks, such as noise, gas and dust the RASOR will gather data from any risk sensor on the individual and display it on RASOR as a single connected worker device. They no longer need to check multiple sensors whilst working or wait till the end of their shift or even longer to understand their exposure.

The data from multiple sensors aggregated through RASOR is automatically transmitted to a single powerful Analytics platform every 15 minutes. 
Simply view all of your assimilated exposure sensor data in a single Analytics, for a holistic view of employee risk in order to develop more effective risk control measures.






Exposure monitoring

As a multi-purpose device select which functions best support your organisation risk management needs. 

Hand-Arm Vibration   Whole Body Vibration   Noise   Gas    Dust





The RASOR includes all the features below as a multi-purpose device to
support employees in a number of different roles and work environments.







Reactec’s Analytics

Reactec’s Analytics is the heart of all Reactec’s technologies. RASOR automatically collates and transmits data to the Reactec Analytics so organisations can benefit from receiving live, location determined health risk data from the field. RASOR turns the Reactec Analytics into a single Analytics platform for viewing multiple risk data within a standardised interface removing the need to collate data from separate sensors and understand their individual reports. 
Web hosted, the reports are designed to highlight what matters most in turning your gathered sensor risk data into actionable intelligence. Available 24/7, GDPR compliant and securely hosted by Reactec.
RASOR is a flexible multi-purpose device designed to improve risk management & compliance while enhancing the health and safety of high risk individuals.
If you have employees exposed to HAVS risk working in teams or alone, in construction, manufacturing, rail, utilities or facilities management then contact Reactec on how you can improve your work environment and occupational risk and compliance.
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Hand-Arm Vibration Syndrome: the hidden risk to our workforce

The Telegraph newspaper interview with Reactec on HAVS risk the FM sector.

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AMEY North Lanarkshire - Gerry Kennedy, Roads Manager

“Before the HAVmeter, we relied on manual input, with a guy basically using his memory at the end of the day for the time that he has spent using vibratory tools. With the HAVmeter, we have an accurate, user friendly piece of kit which allows us to manage HAV more easily. It really is a Health and Safety Management tool. We have been able to make major savings through cutting out administrative costs.”