SAFE-DISTANCE Quick Start Guide

An online Reactec Analytics account is required to log into If not in receipt of a welcome email telephone Reactec 0131 221 0930.

This is a quick start guide to setup and use the system.

SAFE-DISTANCE is an added functionality to the Reactec system for monitoring exposure to Hand Arm Vibration (HAV).  
SAFE-DISTANCE is enabled within your equipment through an update of the firmware within your equipment. The firmware update will be downloaded automatically through your equipment. For customers requesting early updates, Reactec will advise in advance when the firmware will be updated. To complete the update, you may be required to switch the power off to your docking stations or dual chargers and then power back up. After the 15th of June 2020, all firmware in the field will have received the required firmware updates. 
SAFE-DISTANCE determines the proximity of other wearers based on the signal strength of Bluetooth radio signals from the other devices within its vicinity.  The strength of the received signal increases as the distance to the other device decreases. Reactec have determined a threshold that indicates a proximity breach of typically 2m has occurred.  All radio technology can be compromised by certain environmental conditions and in particular the position and orientation of the device antennas relative to the human body and each other. The human body can act as a barrier to radio signals. Therefore, certain configurations will affect the distance at which the signal strength threshold is met, leading to a variance as to when the alert is raised.  The wrist worn nature of SAFE-DISTANCE however makes the device much less susceptible to the limitations outlined above.  SAFE-DISTANCE’s ability to detect proximity of wearers is less hampered by body blocking than that of torso worn devices or smart phone-based apps which may be carried in a pocket and therefore has a greater likelihood of breach detection. 
A HAVwear will determine that a breach has occurred should the signal strength indicate that the other unit is close, and the strength of signal is maintained for a configurable length of time. This approach avoids raising false alarms from devices being close for very short periods - such as briefly walking past colleagues. 
It should be noted that any device used for social distancing based on Bluetooth is not an accurate or fool-proof measurement system and should only be considered an aid to support implementation of social distancing measures in the workplace. 

01 Checklist of items required - Check all items received/required



02 Gather information

Checklist of items required
  1. Internet enabled windows computer.
  2. Reactec Analytics Platform Account.
  3. Operator import template.



List of Administrators
Details of personnel who will require to be set up as administrators to either;
- manage access to reports;
- program operator ID cards;
List of line Management
Details of personnel requiring access rights to view reports.
List of operators
Use the template provided (if unsure contact operator supervisor or H&S Advisor)
Populate Operator ID Template:  Download template   
  • Operator ID number, maximum 16 characters to include any numbers and letters from A-F only. This is a unique number used to identify the operator within your organisation.
  • First name and last name of the operator.
  • CSCS, NI, DOB are optional fields.


03 Reactec Analytics Platform Set-Up - Users

Checklist of items required

  • Internet enabled windows computer.
  • Reactec Analytics Platform Account.
  • List of line management requiring access to reports.
  • List of administrators and related tasks.
Further support items
  1. Software Admin Guide 




Types of user accounts  
  • Report: View reports (no ability to add or amend any information within the Analytics. 
  • Group Administrator:  Manage Users, Operators and manage data for specified Groups. 
  • Administrator: In addition to the above, manage all User accounts, all Groups, Permissions, Options and Data. 
  1.  On the top Toolbar, select “Users”. 
  2. Select “Create New”. 
  3. Enter employee's details (The user ID must be unique across the system) and select type of user. 
  4. In the Modules field, select Social Distancing to provide access to these reports. 
  5. Select on or off to receive alerts if an employee has breached Safe Distance rules. The report will be sent after 3am the next day.
  6. If setup as an Administrator specify if the User requires access to System and/or Operators functionality.
  7. Select Create to add the employee to the list of users



Checklist of items required

  • Internet enabled windows computer. 
  • Reactec Analytics Platform Account. 
Further support items




  • On the top tool bar, select Data/Project Manager
  • On the side menu select SETUP > Social Distancing Options. 
  • Tick the Enabled field 


05 Program ID cards 

Checklist of items required

  • Internet enabled windows computer.
  • Reactec Analytic Platform login.
  • Tool Tag Template.

Further support

  1. Card Programming Guide 




  • Watch the video on how to program operator ID cards. View video  
  • The Operator ID Card Manager Software is essential software to program Operator ID Cards. It can be accessed from the Reactec Analytics Platform Downloads. Downloads can be accessed via the  button at the top right of screen within analytics. You will need your Analytics user name and password to login and access thbutton at the top right of screen within analytics.  You will need your Analytics user name and password to login and access this.
  • When installing the RFID reader/ Writer, please install the Hardware driver from the Reactec Analytics Platform Downloads prior to connecting the device. Downloads can be accessed via the    button at the top right of screen within analytics.  If you connect the device prior to installing this driver, dependant on operating system a driver may be installed automatically, but that driver may not work as expected. Please install the driver within Analytics Downloads, then connect the device to your PC/ tablet through USB. You will need your Analytics user name and password to login and access this. 
Uploading the Operator ID Card template  
  1. Select 'Data/Project Manager' from the top toolbar.
  2. Select 'operators' from the side menu.
  3. Select the 'Bulk Upload' button.
  4. Select 'Browse', locate the saved template, then click 'Open'.
  5. Select 'Import'.
  6. Operators will now be visible in the Analytics Software Operator list. 
Program Operator ID Cards 
  1. Open Operator ID Card Manager Software.
  2. Login using the Analytics Software account credentials.
  3. Connect RFID Read/ Writer to the computer.  A green tick will be displayed in the RFID Read/ Writer Status box.
  4. Click ‘Write a Card’.
  5. Place an Operator ID Card on the RFID card Read/ Writer.
  6. A green tick will be displayed in the Card Status.
  7. To upload the data to the card, press the appropriate 'Write' button.
  8. To program another Card, simply remove the previously programmed Card and place new one on the RFID Read/Writer.
  9. Select 'Close' to exit the Software. 


06 Hardware verification Docking Station

Further support

Docking Stations are required for charging and uploading data from HAVwear devices.
15 Bay Docking Station:
  • Connect antenna onto the Docking station.
  • Power up the Docking Station.
  • Wait 5 minutes before checking the correct date & time is displayed.
  • Check the name of a mobile phone provider is displayed.
  • After signing out a HAVwear device the Operator’s name is displayed on the HAVwear screen (refer to Operator poster for instructions)


4 bay Docking Station:
  1. Power up the Docking Station.
  2. Check a mobile phone signal is available (any number of lit LED lights indicate a signal).
  3. After signing out a HAVwear device the Operator’s name is displayed on the HAVwear screen.


07 Operator Training

Checklist of items required

  • Training video
  • Operator posters 


Further support



Ensure operators can demonstrate; 
  • Signing out a HAVwear.
  • Fitting the HAVwear into the wrist strap and onto the wrist.
  • An understanding of the HAVwear screen display and alerts.
  • An understanding of when to expect a SAFE-DISTANCE warning.
NOTE:  The wrist strap is personal and should always be subject to appropriate occupational hygiene procedures regarding cleaning and replacement


08 Daily Social Distance Close Proximity Email Alert 

Checklist of items required

  • Operator ID Card 
  • Docking station/dual charger.
  • Tool tags.


Further support



  • A daily social distance breaches email alert will be sent to all users that have the alert enabled.   
  • The report will be emailed after 3am the next day and will contain counts of aggregated social distance breaches and a link to view the data for the given day on via the Workforce Social Distance Breaches report. 


09 SAFE-DISTANCE Reporting

Further support

Workforce Social Distance Breaches Report 

This report shows social distance close proximity events for the selected date range and allows the user to review the behaviour of all employees, work activity and tasks - Individual employee reports including the number and duration of unsafe distancing events. 



Contact Tracing Report 

When contact tracing is required identify who may be at risk. Use the report to drill into each operator’s contact list over a specified period of time.
Data will be recorded for any social distance close proximity events detected between two devices regardless of the which company owns the devices. This report may therefore show events with operators from different companies. If this happens, the report will anonymise operator name and group data. 



Customer support


  Download the guides


Select here to download the Quick Start Guide (PDF).

Select here to download the Quick Start Guide (PDF).

Select here to download the Quick Start Guide (PDF).






Lead Advisor for Amey and Hand Arm Vibration Guru - Colin Hogg MICE CMIOSH

“The HAVmeter system has been in use on several of our contracts throughout the UK for over 16 months and has made the capture of exposure data very easy and accurate, facilitating appropriate management of Hand Arm Vibration. The most significant improvement has been in the efficiency and ease with which we now report and monitor exposure to Hand Arm Vibration throughout the whole business. Accurate exposure reports can be generated in seconds giving us as much detail as we require both at contract and board level.”