The largest research in the UK on Hand Arm Vibration exposure risk data

Organisations may be underestimating the risk significantly for some operators under current guidance on regulation. 

Research includes 246,500 operator days, 4,031 tool operators and involved 400 organisations.


Paper abstract
In many countries, tool manufacturers are required to provide tool vibration dose based on specific test protocols identified within ISO 28927 which are unlikely to represent the tool’s use in a real worksite.  A point in time testing of a tool’s vibration dose at the work site following ISO 5349-2 is also limited in the scope of variability it can capture as operator technique and posture are likely to vary as will substrate and tool condition when the tool is later deployed within a varied work force.  
In this paper we examine the extent to which real work site Hand Arm Vibration (HAV) daily exposure varies compared to the static vibration dose data employed in risk assessments of HAV daily exposure by comparing daily exposure based on a static vibration dose with daily exposure assessed using real use monitoring from over 400 organisations currently employing wearable monitoring technology.  The investigation shows that significant variances exist between HAV exposure calculated from assuming a static vibration dose and that determined from real use monitoring, indicating a potential for an increased risk of developing HAVS for exposed workers than expected.


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