Reactec service note update

Reactec sent a recent customer service action which applied to users of First Generation standard HAVwear. 

Reactec have upgraded free of charge all first generation HAVwear models to maintain the highest standards of worker welfare. Reactec recently discovered, under highly unusual circumstances and over time, the first generation HAVwear could create an adverse skin reaction or ultra-low voltage burn. Whilst the first generation HAVwear had been independently tested to the appropriate safety standards, Reactec does not accept anything less than the highest level of worker welfare support and voluntarily actioned the upgrade activity.

To note: This effect is only possible in first generation devices and contact Reactec for any questions regarding this customer service activity.


Norfolk County Council Environment Transport & Development - Colin Tibbenham

“We needed a better monitoring system in place to make sure we knew who was working with what machinery and for how long. After reviewing a number of potential solutions, we decided on the HAVmeter because it was the only option that ticked all the boxes for us In terms of accountability as it could give us detailed records of what our teams were exposed to. We purchased one HAVmeter for every worker in our Environmental & Waste and Highways divisions – a total of 250 - which means we now look after everyone who works with us at any given time, including our partners and sub-contractors. If they work with us, then they have to comply with our safety rules. Through our investment in preventing HAVS we have been able to reinforce the message to our workforce that Norfolk County Council takes health and safety very seriously and that we care about and value our workers. Also, the devices mean we now have a robust defence in place to protect us against any claims.”