We are Reactec

We help forward-thinking construction and manufacturing organisations switch from being mitigators of industrial workplace health risk to being preventers. We call it prevention engineering.

The one unifying ambition that drives our work is to actively protect workers health in smarter ways through the application of leading edge technology.

We do this by bringing together our collective understanding from electronics, software and data engineering to address exposure risks such as Hand Arm Vibration, dust, noise, COVID-19 and lone working environments.

The result is an eco-system of workplace wearables all capable of seamlessly transmitting data to a single analytics platform - Reactec Analytics.

With advanced technology on your side to measure data and transmit from the field automatically, our aim is to bring you the kind of real-world evidence you need to make a difference to workplace health.


EXPERTISE - Striving always to be excellent at what we do. Pushing technical and scientific boundaries so we can actively protect industrial workplace health via data led decision making that engineers out risk. Our HAV work for example has involved leading academics in the field of the human response to vibration, local universities, industry experts in ergonomics, and the Institute of Occupational Medicine. (IOM)

INTEGRITY - From the quality of our products to the security of our data, we invest in getting it right. We welcome feedback, both positive and negative. If we don't get it right first time we'll devote our energies to make it right.

- Both in our policies, and in our working relationships. How we interact with the community, the environment as well as our customers and suppliers. Bottom line is caring about doing a good job, looking after people is the right thing to do.

- Believing in what we do, what we deliver and how we support delivery of prevention engineering.

ONE TEAM - With our customers, channel partners and suppliers as well as ourselves.

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