We call it prevention engineering.

Approaching old risks in a new way using an eco-system of workplace wearables and cloud-based analytics. Armed with reliable data about what's happening on the ground you can refine your methods and tailor controls faster. Actively protect the health and wellbeing of your workers by engineering out risk.

Zero paperwork

Switch from a system of paperwork, manual submissions and spreadsheets to automatic data transfer and cloud-based analytics.

Scaleable system

Whether you have five employees or five hundred, our equipment and data analytics platform will scale to suit your business needs.

Regulation compliant

Ensure that your employees are complying with regulations, and that they stay safe and healthy in the workplace.

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Get Connected. Stay Protected.

Reactec’s technology makes it easy for you to move forward with more knowledge than ever before, faster than ever before. With the information you’ll get from reliable, representative data that’s easy to access, you’ll have the power to anticipate risks and implement controls before they become problems.

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Find out how you can use Reactec cloud-based analytics and workplace wearables to look after your workers' health and safety without it getting in the way of work. To see the dashboard in action, or find out more, please get in touch. 

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