The need for flexibility and customisation in proximity warning systems

Customisation is key when it comes to modern proximity warning systems

Modern proximity warning systems enable a safer, more predictable workplace

Proximity warning technology (also referred to as proximity detection technology) is important for keeping workers safe in environments with dangerous areas and moving objects and vehicles. This technology can alert workers when they’re too close to a dangerous area or piece of equipment, and can ensure that duty holders are given detailed information and valuable insight on near misses to create safer ways of working for the future.

These types of systems are needed in the construction and heavy engineering sectors because the dangers associated with inadequate proximity warning can be devastating: In 2020/21, the HSE reported 441,000 workers sustaining non-fatal injuries in the workplace, with a tragic 142 workers being killed on the job. And of those reported non-fatal injuries, 10% were struck by a moving object - either a vehicle, material handling, or other such equipment. That’s over 44 thousand workers each year injured due to inadequate (or non-existent) proximity warning systems.

But there are challenges associated with adopting the right proximity warning system for your teams, and not all technology is created equal. You need technology that keeps your workers safe while giving them the freedom to work effectively. This is where advanced modern technology, like R-Link, makes a difference.

Why customisation is key when it comes to proximity detection technology

Reactec’s R-Link uses the latest ultra-wideband technology for fast and accurate detection. Beyond that, R-Link allows you to implement access restrictions that respond to an individual worker’s credentials. This means that you can control proximity on a person-by-person basis. For example, you can allow access to certain areas and plant for equipment operators or essential personnel, while ensuring that non-essential personnel are restricted from that same area. Moreover, these credentials can be updated at any time, so that you can simply and easily control or update who has access to which areas or equipment on a day-to-day basis.

R-Link’s proximity technology ensures that different team members get different warnings and permissions based on their specific role and needs. The pedestrian watch is personalised to an individual worker with configurable alerts, while the driver watch (which auto-pairs to your vehicle) allows a vehicle operator to receive configurable warnings of pedestrian incursions, and give an electronic ‘thumbs-up’ to allow proximity when necessary, on an as-needed basis. And all of this is done right from the watch on the driver’s wrist. 

Plus, R-Link is designed to make giving, restricting, or changing access to areas or equipment easy and convenient. In many cases, these permissions can be controlled or changed right from your smartwatch, in real-time.

Put simply, with R-Link: you get to decide who has access to which areas and equipment, who doesn’t have access, and exactly when.

Powered by Reactec’s Analytics, R-Link also provides you with intelligent insight about any incidents or near misses, so that you can work to refine or create more effective controls for the future, and make sure you’re adapting your proximity warning system to suit your specific needs. 

This level of control and insight isn’t possible with traditional physical barriers, nor is it possible with all modern technological systems. R-Link is reinventing proximity warnings: we’ve developed proximity detection technology that’s purpose-built to support the actual ways you work. R-Link will help ensure the safety of your workers and give you vital insight into your operations without slowing you down.

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