Implementing Effective OSH Monitoring Systems for Vibration

Overcoming challenges to deploy an OSH Monitoring System for vibration

How can you deploy an effective OSH Monitoring System to manage exposure to vibration?

In a recent article, we discussed the key considerations for managing and implementing effective OSH monitoring systems.

In that article, we reviewed the keys to success for the adoption and deployment of such digital monitoring symptoms. These include:

  • Ease of use
  • Access to training and resources
  • Adoption of safety-first culture

When it comes to choosing and implementing a digital system to monitor vibration, there are specific challenges to both employers and employees that must be taken into consideration. These include:

  • A concern that more precise measurement would result in employers requiring employees to work closer to a prescribed exposure threshold
  • The challenge (and cost) to employers of transitioning a paper-based system for monitoring vibration to a digital system
  • The perceived complexity or burden of fast-moving technology

These challenges highlight how important it is to work with the right partner when implementing a digital system to monitor vibration. It’s critical that organisations and workers, alike, have a clear understanding of how an effective system works, and how it benefits entire teams.

Reactec is a trusted partner to organisations around the world, committed to helping teams deploy impactful risk management solutions that are robust and easy to use, and which support an ISO compliant risk assessment. Recently, Solus Arc - a vehicle repair company operating 21 sites throughout the UK - chose Reactec to support their risk management efforts

How Solus Arc drilled down to capture personalised data that drives better, more informed decision-making

Before implementing Reactec’s workplace wearable technology, Solus Arc did what many organisations still do when it comes to HAV management: they monitored workers’ exposure to vibration from a 30,000 foot view.

Prior to working with Reactec, Solus Arc set threshold levels for all 21 of its plants based on a sample from a single plant. This approach didn’t take into consideration the many factors that can impact an individual workers’ exposure to vibration, such as operator competency, tool performance, or unique working conditions.

Following a pilot programme, during which Solus Arc trialled Reactec, the organisation scaled its use of Reactec’s devices to outstanding results: Solus Arc took action to refine its operations, including making upgrades to equipment, providing worker training, and coordinating better shift management for employees.

With the data that they get from Reactec, Solus Arc can more clearly identify potentially dangerous levels of risk faster than ever before, but the process to integrate this new technology into their existing workflows was not without its challenges.

Reactec’s proactive approach to problem-solving

As with any new system or technology, there can be barriers to successful implementation when a new customer decides to deploy Reactec. But with hands-on guidance from an expert team with decades of experience, Reactec aims to minimise any interruption caused by such challenges before it begins, enabling customers to deploy this important technology without delay.

Per EU OSHA, “the main barrier to the implementation [of Reactec’s workplace wearable technology] appears to be the capacity of clients’ IT infrastructure to manage and store the data.” Reactec understands that this can be an issue; so all customer data is automatically stored in the Cloud. Not only does this prevent any issues that may arise due to a client’s lack of on-premise data storage, it’s also an incredibly secure solution.

Cloud data storage is also convenient, and powerful. Reactec’s Analytics are processed through the Cloud, where team’s data is automatically transformed into actionable insights that duty holders or individual workers can use to take meaningful action. Analytics are a powerful tool for data storytelling, empowering any user - not just members of the IT team - to immediately identify and understand trends, patterns, and critical data points. You can learn more about Reactec’s industry-leading Analytics here.

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With the right partner, it’s possible to adopt and deploy a technology-based solution without hassle. To learn more about how Reactec can help your organisation to seamlessly implement an effective OSH monitoring system, just get in touch with a member of the team.

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