Reactec Release Notification - January 2022

Reactec continue their roadmap of system improvements and enhancement. Our next release, on the 21st January 2022, includes the following added functionality or reporting which we believe may be of benefit to you.

Amended Operator ID format
The eco-system has been modified to allow use of operator ID’s using any combination of alphanumeric characters up to 16 characters long. Previously the ID was restricted to use only letters E to F.

Use of Existing Company Owned ID Cards
Many of our clients have existing identity (ID) cards for their workers for applications such as access control. The latest enhancement makes it much easier to use these cards in place of a Reactec supplied ID card. Reactec supplied ID cards remain valid but for existing or new employees the enhancement brings the opportunity to gain multiple use out of existing cards. Cards which will be compatible with Reactec’s system will use one of the following protocols:

  • MIFARE 1k
  • MIFARE Classic EV1
  • ISO 15693

Management of the use of Ear defenders with noise monitoring
It is now possible to define within the Reactec Analytics software the SNR level of hearing protection provided to employees whose surrounding noise is being monitored by a Pambry PED0828. In setting an SNR level for an individual within the Reactec Analytics, then during allocation of a Pambry0828 via RASOR, the RASOR will communicate the SNR level to the Pambry PED0828 and lock the PED0828 controls. Monitored data will then be the net noise of the hearing defenders. Reporting within the Reactec Analytics will report the net noise data and the SNR level applied.

Spot Check Report Enhancement
For users with access to SEP data it is now possible to view both TEP and SEP data in a single view within the “Spot Check” report.

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