Reactec Release Notification - January 2023

Reactec continue their roadmap of system improvements and enhancement. Our latest release completed on 11th January 2023 includes the following added functionality, or reporting, which we believe may be of benefit to you:

Bulk Editing of Operator Details:

The operator admin page has received a significant overhaul and this includes the ability to bulk edit properties for multiple operators simultaneously e.g. to archive, change EAV/ELV levels, or change Group assignment.

Tool List Administration:

The tool administration page includes an ability to include/exclude retired tools.

Auto-scheduling of Dust Reports:

The various reports introduced to inform managers on dust exposure levels can be auto-scheduled to e-mail to multiple recipients.

Control the format of auto e-mails:

Companywide users can decide on the format of the automatic e-mails generated in Reactec Analytics. Users can choose that only links and not PDF’s of reports are circulated by automatic e-mails, or PDF reports with non-sensitive data are allowed, or a PDF of any report can be circulated by e-mail.

Operator Identifiable Data:

Users can be prescriptive on the data to be stored within Reactec Analytics to identify an operator. Reactec Analytics has optional fields to include date of birth, national insurance number, or CSCS card. Now by leaving these fields unticked no administrator can add this data.

Exclude Weekends from Automatic Daily reports:

When reports are required on a daily basis users can choose to exclude weekends.

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