Reactec Release Notification - March 2022

Reactec continue their roadmap of system improvements and enhancement. Our latest release, completed on the 11th March 2022, includes the following added functionality or reporting which we believe may be of benefit to you:

Docking Station Firmware Release Reporting
An important notification was provided on 25th February regarding security enhancements within the Reactec system. These enhancements require docking stations to be updated to the latest firmware as shown below. In the Analytics release of the 11th March, we have included additional fields to the docking station administration page for you to be able to identify what version of firmware has been loaded to your equipment. It is critical all required docking stations are updated by the 1st of June.

  • 15 Bay DST 4.1.14
  • 4 Bay DST 3.1.9

Enhanced Dust Reporting
As part of our ongoing development work with Trolex, we have expanded the dust reporting available within the Reactec Analytics of dust gathered by the Trolex XD-One.

Faster Management of Large Tool List
We have introduced a feature in the Tools administration section to allow downloads of the tool list recorded within the Reactec Analytics. We have also updated the Tool Tag Manager to allow you to upload filtered lists from this download. For clients with a large data set, this can dramatically improve the speed of programming tool tags.

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