Reactec Release Notification - November 2023

Reactec continue their roadmap of system improvements and enhancements. Our latest releases, to both the Reactec Analytics software and the R-Link devices, include the following improvements which we believe may be of benefit to you:

Live R-Link HAVS and Proximity Incursion Data

To complement the live data already available from the Reactec supervisor device RASOR, the R-Link Gateway will now send data live to the Reactec Analytics. Both worker HAVS exposure and data on incursions within beacon exclusion zones will be available to view live from anywhere you can login to the Reactec Analytics, for whenever R-Link watches are within 40m of a RASOR or Gateway.

Connected Dust Monitoring

Aligned with the release of the lightweight, compact Trolex XD-One+ dust monitor Reactec bring you “connected” dust monitoring. Using the power of the Reactec Ecosystem and Analytics software, you can now automatically collect, aggregate and analyse large data sets of personalised location tracked dust particulate data, including remotely accessing live data from the field.

R-Link Gateway Wi-Fi Connection Process

In response to client feedback we have greatly simplified the process to connect a Gateway to a Wi-Fi network. The connection process is compatible with iOS, Android and Windows 11/10 operating systems .

Driver Watch Functionality

The R-Link proximity warning system is one of the most flexible on the market taking advantage of the smart features which can be realised with Reactec’s choice of Ultra Wideband (UWB) as the proximity detection technology. With the system you can provide tailored permissions for individual workers, to take control of the beacons mounted on a hazard such as a moving vehicle. In our latest update we have made the process of pairing a “driver watch” to their beacons much faster and easier while introducing an ability to remain paired to their beacons for a working shift.

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