SAFE-DISTANCE analytics align with the NHS COVID Track and Trace app

As a nation, we’ve been in and out of lockdown for just shy of a year now, so it’s safe to say that we’re all very familiar with the NHS’s Track and Trace App that works to prevent the spread of coronavirus throughout communities. 

If you have not had experience of the App, it has been designed to track and trace contacts between individuals by scoring a person’s risk depending on how long they been exposed to someone who has since developed COVID-19 symptoms, grading a risk as either ‘red’, ‘amber’ or ‘green’.

Our SAFE-DISTANCE software supports social distancing in the workplace by reporting the proximity between any two individuals by consolidating all of their interactions within one day and applying the NHS perspective on grading these interactions by risk according to the time those individuals have spent together.

UK’s 100k COVID-19 deaths proves social distancing has never been more important

Despite the COVID-19 vaccine being rolled out, the UK has now surpassed 100k deaths and there are still many millions of people who remain at risk of contracting the virus daily with positive cases approaching four million.

It was also recently reported that less than six in ten people are self-isolating for fear of having to stop working and loosing income.

When developing our social distancing product back in March 2020, our aim was to play our part in helping people to effectively social distance at work in a safer environment when they didn’t have the luxury of working safely at home. We adapted our existing technology that monitors hand and arm vibration to develop SAFE-DISTANCE. Since then, we’ve supported thousands of employees who continue to work across construction, manufacturing, rail and the TV/film industry.

Social distancing measures and protecting those who are continuing to have to go to work right now must remain a top priority for employers.

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Our SAFE-DISTANCE analytics bolsters NHS track and trace to minimise business disruption from positive COVID-19 tests

Our customers come to us as they want to make their workplaces as safe as possible for their employees. One of their biggest fears if having a reported case of COVID-19 severely impact normal operations with unknown contacts within the workplace.

Our tech allows users to set-up safe-zones, cohort working groups and tailor detection settings. It alerts workers if they come within an unsafe distance of another colleague and fully automatically collates the contact data into cloud-based data analytics with proven GDPR compliance for employee peace of mind.

If an employee has COVID-19 symptoms, it means that an individual’s interactions can be easily traced, and their contacts informed to support NHS Track and Trace activity. Unaffected employees can continue to operate as normal.

Each SAFE-DISTANCE device starts at just £160, so is an affordable investment.

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