Social distancing measures are imperative during this critical time in the pandemic

The covid vaccine news has offered a welcome boost to the nation and its rollout brings us ever closer to returning to some sort of normality. However, vaccinating the entire nation is no mean feat and it’s going to take some time for every single person to receive theirs. We shouldn’t forget that many of those of working age who are having to continue to work during this time may not get vaccinated until much later this year.

As we know, the new COVID-19 variant is highly transmissible with some quoting it as being 70% higher than previously. Recent statistics revealed that 1 in 50 people in England have the virus and 1 in 30 in London.

Social distancing measures are therefore likely to last for some time to come.

For those continuing to trade within construction and manufacturing – social distancing in the workplace has never been more important during this critical time in the pandemic.

Social distancing technology that informs contact tracing

Our SAFE-DISTANCE technology offers an easy-to-implement solution to help to manage social distancing in the workplace across manufacturing, construction, and rail. Most importantly, it offers additional reassurance to those having to leave the safety of their homes each morning.

One of the key pieces of feedback we have received from our customers is that our tech is playing a key role in helping businesses with contact tracing and minimising the impact on their businesses from employees testing positive.

Our tech provides the functionality for cohort workers, the ability to have customisable safe-zones, customisable detection settings and traffic like reporting of contact durations which aligns with the NHS COVID track and trace app. This allows our data to support the NHS’s efforts if and when its required. This can help businesses minimise disruption should an employee or employees come into contact with COVID.

GDPR compliant data available from day one

Worn as an unobtrusive watch, our SAFE-DISTANCE tech offers a proximity alarm to alert workers if they stray within an unsafe distance of a colleague and informs employers of the frequency and severity of breaches of social distancing protocols. This means that from day one, businesses can start to access automatically collected GDPR compliant hosted data analytics without the need for any third-party hardware or networks. Any social distancing issues can then be addressed immediately.

The development of our tech to support social distancing in the workplace

SAFE-DISTANCE was developed during 2020’s first lockdown. With an aim to help keep people working safely and with confidence during the pandemic, our engineers repurposed our existing hand and arm vibration monitoring technology. The software is therefore based on a well-used and proven system. While product development normally takes months to turn around, we developed SAFE-DISTANCE in just 15 days, and we’ve been continually developing and improving the software ever since.

The tech now supports several hundred companies across the country.

Social distancing software compliments the dual use of HAV monitoring

SAFE-DISTANCE is a software upgrade to our existing Hand Arm Vibration (HAV) management system. The same wrist worn monitor, HAVWEAR, can simultaneously gather data on the detection of proximity and exposure to HAV. The same proven eco system with informative analytics which allows preventative actions can then come into play for two workplace risks as opposed to one. If you already own HAVWEAR, Reactec can remotely upgrade your existing equipment to deliver both social distancing and HAV management.

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