Is it time to refresh your kit?

Upgrade to R-Link to protect your investment in risk management

Upgrade to R-Link

Why do I need to replenish my HAVWEAR?

Like any battery-powered device, HAVWEAR should be replenished from time to time to ensure that it performs at its best.

HAVWEAR is powered by a rechargeable battery with a stated life of 1,000 hours. This is an approximate figure that can vary depending on how often the battery is charged. When charged often - preferably on a daily basis - HAVWEAR usually has a lifespan of approximately three years.

What happens if I don’t regularly replenish my HAVWEAR?

When your kit has been in use for longer than three years, performance can be impacted. The consequences of using kit that’s been in the field for longer than the stated life of the device include:

  • An exponentially increased rate of failure
  • Increased costs that arise from managing disjointed failures
  • Longer charging times, resulting in less availability for workers
  • The possibility that failures will occur in the field, or at critical times
In addition to HAVS monitoring, the R-Link watch offers a sophisticated proximity warning system to protect the wearer from moving vehicles, all on a single device

In addition to HAVS monitoring, the R-Link watch offers a sophisticated proximity warning system to protect the wearer from moving vehicles, all on a single device

I don’t use HAVWEAR every day, do I still need to refresh my kit?

That depends on whether you’re charging your device properly! The HAVWEAR docking station is designed to provide optimum battery management of your HAVWEAR device(s) when docked while the docking station is powered. This behaviour is similar to that of a phone or laptop: to ensure peak performance and longevity, it’s best to charge your device every day and avoid letting your device ‘die.’

If you fail to charge the battery regularly, and allow your devices to go into a state of discharge often, the useful life of the device will be reduced.

And if you are a customer who put your HAVWEAR devices into storage for months, or even years, during lockdown, it’s likely that your device entered a state of deep discharge, which likely reduced the useful life of your device to less than three years.

Reactec user instructions recommend at least a monthly top up charge to avoid the risk of your device falling into a state of discharge.

Are there any other benefits to refreshing my kit?

By far the most exciting and impactful benefit to refreshing your kit is the enhanced power and functionality that you’ll get when you upgrade from HAVWEAR to R-Link.

The successor to HAVWEAR, R-Link is industry-defining risk management technology that empowers teams to take even better control over their risk environment. With R-Link, you’ll experience:

  • A deeply intuitive interface: R-Link was designed to look and feel like your smartphone or smartwatch, so your teams will feel comfortable using it immediately.

  • An incredibly durable design: R-Link was specifically designed to stand up to the rigours of demanding work environments – this is our most resilient device yet.

  • Powerful, insight-driving Analytics: Continue building your Risk Management Command Centre with uninterrupted access to Reactec’s trusted Analytics. View critical insight at-a-glance with attractive dashboards designed to help you identify trends, patterns, and hotspots, and implement or improve controls with confidence.

  • Multi-function proximity warning: In addition to HAVS monitoring, R-Link offers an integrated market-leading proximity warning system that uses the latest in ultra-wideband technology for fast and accurate detection.

  • Unprecedented functionality: R-Link continues Reactec’s legacy of constant innovation. As R-Link evolves, additional features and functions will be released. Alongside HAVS monitoring and proximity warning technology, you can expect to see digital fencing, geofencing, and employee messaging all in one device.

For teams that have already committed to better monitoring and management of risk in the workplace with HAVWEAR, R-Link is an opportunity to both protect and further that investment.

Upgrade to R-Link

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