Working together to stay apart: Reactec’s quick, convenient solution to the social distancing problem

An Arm’s Length, At Your Fingertips.

Seemingly overnight, the way we work transformed and accepted ways of working together became impossible. COVID’s effect on workplace behaviour cannot be understated: from wearing masks to rapid testing to constant disinfecting, the impact of the pandemic is clear at every turn. Perhaps no COVID-related workplace disruption has had more impact on the way we actually work than social distancing.

Crowded job sites, warehouses and offices – the norm for many projects – became almost impossible to manage in the face of social distancing restrictions. Employers and supervisors scrambled to implement practices to combat the restrictions associated with social distancing rules, but figuring out the best way to manage a workplace or job site in the face of uncomfortable and unfamiliar restrictions proved a difficult task.

Reactec quickly recognised that it’s existing core technology – HAVWEAR – could be adapted to alleviate some of the burden associated with monitoring employees’ movements. Safe-Distance was launched as a direct response to the issues created by social distancing requirements. Sophisticated proximity detection monitors employee movements and work behaviours in real-time, and alerts the wearer of any unsafe contact proximity. The technology provides employers and supervisors with employee behaviour and movement reports, information that can be used to implement more effective workplace plans to accommodate social distancing guidelines. The technology also facilitates contact tracing, where necessary, to quickly and confidently identify members of your workforce who may be at risk from exposure to COVID.

Safe-Distance technology was immediately hailed as an innovative, necessary tool by customers, who utilised it to make sure their businesses were not only compliant, but safe.

Safe-Distance technology was immediately hailed as an innovative, necessary tool by customers, who utilised it to make sure their businesses were able to stay open, and safe. Adopters of the technology quickly recognised the utility of the product, which is completely customisable to suit different workforces and work environments. Safe-Distance also benefits from Reactec’s commitment to providing smart storage solutions, with data managed on a single system accessible with just an internet connection and a password, and the generated analytics reports are straightforward and easy to understand.

Reactec’s response to the problems posed by social distancing was swift and effective. With any luck, COVID will not remain a high level threat to our work environment long-term, but the risks that existed in our workplaces before COVID persist today, and there will undoubtedly be more
unforeseeable challenges to the way we work in the future. Reactec has proven that it’s up to the task of responding to these challenges as they come.

Agility Doesn't Have An Expiration Date.

The technology that Reactec engineers is driven by our interactions with the world around us. Our commitment to Prevention Engineering doesn’t end with an evaluation of the problems and issues that we already know exist. Our goals to create safer, healthier workforces and organisations aren’t fixed in place – they are kinetic and responsive, and they’re what make our ecosystem of workplace technology so adaptable and ultimately, so reliable. No one can predict exactly which challenges will arise in the future, but it is possible to predict who will be there to help you navigate them. Like your ongoing commitment to your workforce and your organisation, Reactec’s commitment to creating innovative, useful technology won’t expire.

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