Your membership in the workforce needs a digital upgrade: three ways Reactec elevates how you work

Technology isn’t an add-on.

Today’s workplace is an increasingly digital landscape, and connectivity is a crucial underpinning to a safe, efficient work environment. Reactec appreciates this reality and understands that our customer’s workplaces demand utility and accessibility, in addition to enhanced connectivity. Our core technology, HAVWEAR, has helped organisations implement and refine controls to effectively reduce exposure risk to Hand Arm Vibration, while also cutting administrative costs and improving worker behaviour. Our technology is designed to help you make your workplace safer, more efficient, and more adaptable. When we say that we’ve engineered products that will elevate the way you work, here’s exactly what we mean.

Taking guesswork out of the workplace: Reactec’s workplace wearables give you reliable, representative information that you can use to help refine your risk management initiatives

Well-engineered technology elevates your work by providing you with reliable and representative information that you can use to make your workplace safer and more efficient. Reactec’s workplace wearables are engineered with that principle in mind, and helping our customers deploy more effective controls is something we take seriously. The primary way we’ve engineered our core technologies to enhance your organisation’s efficiency is by ensuring that the data they provide is easily circulated to all duty holders, providing wide and uncomplicated access to crucial information.

Access to data that provides a clear understanding of risk in your workplace helps your organisation design and manage risk reduction controls

With the data you’ll receive from Reactec Analytics, new or improved working practises can be implemented or refined to meaningfully support your risk-reduction initiatives and help you meet your HSE obligations.

Reactec Analytics does the heavy lifting for you; it shows you exactly where
action is needed to help you design more effective risk reduction controls.

Ready when you are: Reactec’s technology generates data and analytics that you can access anywhere, anytime.

Reactec understands that data is only good to your organisation if it’s accessible. Our cloud based analytics mean that your reports are available when you’re ready to review them. It’s a smart storage solution that leaves no digital footprint on your existing IT infrastructure and requires nothing more than an internet connection to utilise. With the knowledge you’ll get from Reactec analytics, you’ll have the power to refine your processes and more efficiently and more accurately address your actual workplace risk exposure. Reactec knows that keeping your workforce and organisation safe doesn’t end when the workday ends. Our data is always on because we know that you are, too. Elevating the way you work means elevating the way you access the information you need, and we’re committed to providing storage solutions with that principle in mind.

Business as usual: Reactec can help your organisation respond to unforeseen workplace challenges.

COVID-19 upended the workplace in a manner that no organisation could have adequately anticipated. Social distancing regulations mandated that the workforce behave in unnatural, unpracticed ways. What was once a matter of course – working with a partner or team in close proximity – became impermissible overnight.

Reactec recognised that our technology could be adapted to respond to this problem, and acted straight away. Reactec deployed the technology – which includes sophisticated proximity detection – as part of our integrated technology ecosystem, which meant it launched without delay, helping employees stay safe and businesses stay open. This solution also allows employers to review the behaviour and work activities of their employees, providing decision-makers with the knowledge they require to address unsafe situations before they become problems. Elevating the way you work requires agility, responsiveness, and an uncanny ability to adapt, and Reactec has a proven track record of providing solutions to problems, both known and totally unforeseen.

Upgrading your membership in the digital workforce starts with getting connected.

The power to protect your organisation and your workforce comes from the knowledge you’ll get with Reactec’s ecosystem of workplace wearables. Creating a meaningfully connected workplace is the first step toward transforming your methodologies and refining your processes to make them more efficient and more effective.

Technology isn’t an add-on, it’s an essential component of staying relevant and improving your organisation. Reactec is here to help you upgrade your membership in today’s digital workforce.

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