KMI was created in 2002, with Kier Infrastructure and Overseas, J Murphy & Sons Limited and Interserve Construction Limited creating a joint venture on behalf of United Utilities on their Water and Waste Water projects. KMI have been involved in some of the most complex construction works in the water, wastewater industry and the Preston sewer improvement scheme is a prime example. The group of programmes are split into 5 year durations with the current program worth approximately £490 million over the five year period.


KMI operatives were exposed on a daily basis due to the nature of the work required including breaking concrete, cutting rebar and concrete and the use of concrete pokers.

On taking over as Framework HSQE Manager, Ian Kilgour, said “Paper based monitoring of operators exposed to tool vibration was the only method used. I identified the lack of appropriate records being stored in relation to HAVs exposure and there were very few sites that actually held any paper based HAV monitoring records. Furthermore no paperwork remained on record for contracts that had expired.”

“Also we had two operatives identified with early symptoms of HAVs.”


“I had previously used the HAVmeter system at J Murphy & sons ltd and had very positive response from and staff and the regulator (ORR) alike when we were using the equipment on a bridge replacement contract in Manchester.”

“I began deploying the HAVmeter solution in 2010 and now it is used for all our contracts across 24 sites. As a joint venture the HAVmeter system was seamlessly adopted across all sites and companies with the HAVmeter equipment being hired from either Speedy or One Stop.”

“The HAVmeter system has brought uniformity to KMI in working with vibratory tools and recording usage. KMI now have accurate and easy access to records from all sites on usage of equipment and individuals.”

“We have also had an increased awareness in education of HAV related issues due to the HAVmeter displaying in real-time tool operatives personal exposure so they could better relate tool use with exposure limits. It has also educated individuals on actual usage as opposed to their estimated usage they were recording previously. On reviewing paper based recording of tool usage I would estimate an over evaluation of usage approximately 60% against actual usage the HAVmeter more accurately reports. This means we have been able to apply resources and measures more effectively to address our HAVS risk ”

“There have been operational benefits from using the HAVmeter system as it tracks tool utilisation and we have identified excess equipment being hired and therefore not being used. I would envisage an over ordering of tools by 40%, at a collective cost of £1,000 - £2,000 over a 6 month period.”


Sir Robert McAlpine

“Overall we have already seen a dramatic drop in exposure since we deployed the Reactec Analytics Platform. It made tangible an invisible risk and helped us immediately refine and better design our measure of controls”.