Dust Monitor

Controlling dust at work through data.

If you have concerns as to whether your dust control measures are effective in preventing lung disease then let technology give you that insight.

In industries such as construction, workers are 100 times more likely to die from an occupational disease than a workplace accident. Yet it is possible to protect workers’ health and prevent such dreadful outcomes. When you understand the health hazards and have evaluated the risks, then you’re in a position to effectively control exposures.

But, given many respiratory hazards cannot be seen by the naked eye, how can you be sure you have effectively controlled the hazard?

We bring you the Trolex XD-One.

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How it works

If you have determined your hazard, the XD-One gives you the data to be certain that your recognised hazard is under control.

Tough Hardware

Trolex XD-One

A wearable, personal dust monitoring device that is simple to deploy. The XD One technology delivers continuous, real-time detection of harmful particulates in even the harshest of conditions.

XD One is personal, portable and mountable. It is a self-contained unit with no tubes, sampling heads, impactors, pumps, or filters. It weighs only 450g and has a 16+ hour battery life.

Accurate, flexible, reliable

  • Personal, Portable, Mountable, Dust Monitor
  • PM1, 2.5, 4.25 and 10 and TSP measurement range
  • 0.35µm 40µm Particle Sizing range
  • Custom Logging Intervals from 10s to 60s
  • On Device Audio/Visual Alarms
  • Custom Alarm Set Points (Application Configurable)
  • Battery Operated, Rechargeable (16hrs+) 
  • On Device Data Logging (Approx. 10 years) 
  • Range of Mounting Options 
  • Chest Mountable for Oronasal Sampling Zone
  • Low Maintenance 
  • Approx. 450g

Real-time, particulate sampling made simple

  • Low-end resolution, down to 0.35µm
  • Measure up to 40µm particle sizing
  • Flow correction for stable readings
  • For use in both clean and high particulate environments
  • Open path particulate inlet
  • IP54 Ingress Protection

Almost Zero Maintenance

The automatic and on-demand self-test routine takes 5 seconds. The one-minute compliance test is required typically every 3-6 months. That’s it. No return-to-base servicing, or complicated set-up, cleaning or calibration routines. PPE for the real world

Clever software

Ultimately the XD-One will be seamlessly integrated with the Reactec eco-system to offer live and automatic data gathering to Reactec’s powerful Analytics. In the interim Reactec have developed a facility within the Reactec Analytics to upload XD-One data and assign the data to an individual and process for a more informed analysis of the data. Gain an unprecedented perspective of workplace risk with Reactec's ability to overlay a range of workplace risk data.

XD-One Data Sheet

Download the Trolex XD-One product data sheet for more detailed information.
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