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Preventing exposure to excessive noise at work with SmartAlert

Over 2 million UK workers are exposed to excessive levels of noise

In the UK, the HSE estimates over 2 million workers are exposed to levels of noise that put their hearing at risk, with 17% suffering hearing loss, tinnitus or other related conditions as a result of exposure to excessive noise at work. In many sectors, such as manufacturing, engineering and construction, workers are exposed to noise that frequently surpasses ‘normal’ or ‘safe’ levels and durations.

But noise-induced hearing loss is 100% preventable.

Reactec has teamed up with hearing protection technology specialists, Minuendo, to help companies actively prevent hearing damage in their workforce.

Minuendo has developed a revolutionary ear plug called Smart Alert which not only provides protection from noise but also monitors the level of noise entering the ear. The Smart Alert Earplugs have listen-through technology, meaning you don’t have to remove your hearing protection in order to maintain situational awareness and the ability to communicate effectively with co-workers.

Smart Alert informs a user in real time of their noise exposure based on monitoring and warns them if they are inadequately protected against that noise. 

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Cutting Through the Noise - Whitepaper

Read more about how Safety Managers can avoid information overload and gain meaningful insight by adopting a smarter approach to hearing loss prevention. Access Minuendo's latest whitepaper to find out more...

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About Smart Alert

Smart Alert offers an automated and integrated approach to hearing loss prevention - setting new standards in industrial and construction applications. Key benefits include:

  • Earplugs with natural sound, allowing users to maintain situational awareness and the ability to communicate with co-workers
  • Noise exposure alerts provide real-time feedback, which encourages safe behaviour
  • Digital record of noise exposure for every employee is gathered automatically
  • Promotes a collaborative rather than coercive approach to hearing loss prevention
  • Simple overview for safety managers based on easily accessible data

Integrate noise into Reactec's clever software

By combining the noise exposure data gathered by Smart Alert with other criteria through the Reactec Analytics platform, you can gain unparalleled insights to help identify those most at risk, so that timely interventions can be made. With this integrated noise device, companies can actively protect the health and wellbeing of individual workers by engineering out workplace risk.

“With Smart Alert and Reactec Analytics, I’m confident we now have a more proactive warning system, rather than a reactive management system, to control exposure to noise across our sites and protect all our people”.

Mark Bridges, Head of Health Safety & Environmental (HS&E), Galliford Try Infrastructure

Read our case study about how Galliford Try Infrastructure adopted Smart Alert to protect their teams from noise-induced hearing loss

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