R-Link - Proximity Warning Capability for Forklifts

R-Link proximity warning capability for video forklift operations

R-Link's Proximity Warning Capability for forklifts and small vehicles

In this video, we demonstrate how R-Link's proximity warning system can protect your teams from dangerous proximity to small vehicles, including forklift operations, using the latest ultrawide band (UWB) technology for rapid and accurate detection.

The video demonstrates the capability of the R-Link watch and ecosystem to adapt to real-world dynamic operating environments using advanced functionality: 

  • To configure the exclusion zone around a vehicle while on site
  • To alert a pedestrian worker and forklift driver to each other's presence, simultaneously, and in real-time to prevent accidents
  • To enable the forklift driver to grant access to pedestrian workers for authorised close-working activities
  • To enable the forklift driver to auto-pair with their vehicle and prevent false proximity alerts being recorded in Reactec Analytics
  • To alert the driver to dangerous proximity to other vehicles, once they leave the safety of their own vehicle cabin, and become a pedestrian   

Data recorded on the who, where and how often near-misses occur is captured in cloud-based Reactec Analytics to provide employers with an actionable data insight into their risk environment, empowering them to refine controls. 

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Discover more about R-Link's advanced proximity warning capability for large vehicle and heavy plant here:

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