R-Link - MSD Prevention

Managing Workplace Musculoskeletal Disorders with R-Link

The R-Link watch has been developed to help prevent vibration-related musculoskeletal disorders

With over 20 years of experience in preventing workplace health and safety risks, Reactec has developed R-Link; a new generation of robust wearable technology with powerful cloud-based data analytics. The R-Link smart watch is a powerful tool to prevent irreversible musculoskeletal disorders caused by exposing the hand and arm system to vibration.

R-Link informs the wearer of their exposure to vibration in real-time when they are operating hand-held power tools. Sound and vibration alerts notify the worker when their personalised exposure thresholds are close to being exceeded.

R-Link features ground-breaking technology to simultaneously assess exposure to risk using; pre-defined tool vibration magnitude, using tool tags, and vibration magnitude sensed by the wearer at the wrist.

Either of these methods can be used to display vibration-related risk exposure points and both types of data are stored in the cloud-based Reactec Analytics to provide employers with actionable data insight.

The technology can help employers to monitor their worker's daily levels of vibration exposure to prevent vascular, neurological or musculoskeletal damage, and identify preventative control measures through understanding a worker's misuse of tools, or poorly performing tools.

Features and Benefits

Wrist-mounted device that monitors real-time tool vibration levels and tool-use timeReal-time calculation and display of exposure levels on watch screen
Operator alerted when personal configurable exposure levels are exceededRFID tool tags allow the source of vibration (the tool) to be identified and vibration levels monitored
Better assess operator technique and tool conditionExposure data automatically transmitted online to cloud-based Analytics for review
Develop exposure trends by worker or toolAutomatic manager KPI reports from the Reactec Analytics and API integration with centralised reporting systems

Glowing reviews

Watch our R-Link how to video

Watch our short video which demonstrates how the R-Link smart watch can monitor exposure to vibration and help to prevent upper-limb musculoskeletal disorders for workers who regularly operate hand-held power tools.   

R-Link Capability Flyer

Download the R-Link flyer to learn more about our approach to preventing upper-limb MSDs caused by exposure to vibration at work


Reactec’s expanded ecosystem allows employer’s to create a real-world risk profile of an employees’ exposure to vibration using the advanced R-Link watch and cloud-based Reactec Analytics

The R-Link smart watch gathers real-time exposure to vibration data by recording a precision measurement of sensed vibration at the wrist during tool use. 

Data is automatically, and securely transmitted, to the cloud-based Reactec Analytics software using Reactec's 2-bay Gateway or 10-bay docking station. 

The vibration data is stored in the Reactec Analytics and presented as intuitive dashboards and reports for supervisors to monitor the exposure levels for individual workers who are using specific tools or equipment over the course of a shift. 

Supervisors can receive daily email alerts identifying workers who are close to reaching their vibration magnitude thresholds and make timely interventions to ensure that they do not exceed the set exposure level.

R-Link Proximity Warning System

R-Link builds upon Reactec’s trusted vibration monitoring capability to offer expanded functionality which alerts the wearer when they are within dangerous proximity to moving vehicles, active machinery, or a restricted area in real-time.

Learn more about R-Link’s proximity warning capability and how we can engineer out workplace risk:

Proximity Warning Capability

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