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Workplace social distancing technology, helping businesses work safely and efficiently.


SAFE-DISTANCE is a wearable technology that helps you take corporate ownership of your employees' social distancing behaviour.





  Wearable wrist worn technology

  Customisable alerts - audible, visual, and vibration or data capture only

  Monitor and Supervise in real time



  Contact Trace Analysis and Reporting

  Customisable for cohort working and barriered safe zones




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      Benefits     Features

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  • Easy to deploy and use
  • Actively warns users of any unsafe contact proximity
  • Added security to your existing social distancing procedures
  • Powerful contact tracing reports and dashboards
  • Supports your business continuity plans
  • Fully integrated SaaS system for social distancing and health risk monitoring and management
  • Proven GDPR compliant system, assuring employee privacy
  • Practical wrist worn device for simple, effective proximity detection
  • Onsite, on-demand daily allocation of devices
  • Personalised audible and vibration alerts to wearer
  • Non-audible alerts for sensitive, intricate working environments
  • Trusted Bluetooth technology
  • Silicon strap for easy cleaning and reissue
  • Live data and supervisory alerts for immediate intervention through the RASOR device

Monitor and Supervise


Automatic reporting and recording of interventions to review the behaviour of all your employees, work activity and tasks.


Report:  Individual employee reports including the number and duration of unsafe distancing events.


Contact Tracing


Avoid site closure or loss of teams. When contact tracing is required, you can quickly and confidently identify who may be at risk.


Report:  Drill into each operator's contact list over a specified period of time.


      Live Operator Contact Report     How does it work?  

RASOR is a single device used for managing and analysing multiple H&S monitored risk data.

Used to capture real-time workforce risks, RASOR can be used alongside the SAFE-DISTANCE application

to track real-time proximity data from the field.


Report:  Live data gathered from individual employees including current date and time as well as duration

of contact.



Watch our short explainer video on how the SAFE-DISTANCE application works, as well as a

view into the data analytics reporting.











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Protect your workforce and your business
Data to drive better processes and employee behaviour
Don't be relaint on employee self management     

Fully integrated SaaS system

A single system for onsite and remote management of social distancing with analytics fully hosted by Reactec requiring only a browser and company managed login for access.


Employee data privacy

All data is managed using best prctice anonymisation and encryption while employee privacy is ensured with GDPR retention principles - click here for data security doc.


Intuitive Analytics 

Over 16,000 users have benefited from the Reactec Analytics system to more easily monitor and revise their measure of controls than previously before.


GDPR compliant 

A resilience tested on-line GDPR compliant system to manage and share SAFE-DISTANCE data.




About Reactec
SAFE-DISTANCE was developed due to the COVID-19 crisis. Reactec reviewed their product offering and were quickly able to show that their existing products - HAVwear and RASOR - could be repurposed to support social distance via a remote software upgrade. Reactec is keen to point out that SAFE-DISTANCE is a workplace solution – it cannot monitor social distancing off-site and of course, it cannot mitigate all risk but it is an invaluable part of a workplace toolkit.
HAVwear is in use by a number of leading companies in the UK, including British Airways, Network Rail, Murphy Group, Morgan Sindall, Balfour Beatty, Costain, the Environment Agency, Siemens and Babcock. Reactec’s technology is also in use across major infrastructure projects including HS2.
All customers already using Reactec technology can upgrade to take advantage of the SAFE-DISTANCE system.
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