Why Reactec?

The organisations we work with want to protect their workers' health over the long-term. Whether it's monitoring exposure to risks such as HAV, noise or dust or keeping workers safe through social distancing or exclusion zones.

Because guesswork comes at a cost.

Even with all the right training, it's hard to know just how closely everyone is following health and safety protocols. Individuals taking more risk than you want could be damaging their health, and unchecked exposure can lead to litigation down the line.

We believe immediate and long-term gains require a shift towards prevention rather than simply compliance. By measuring what's happening, you can tailor your controls faster, engineer out risk and actively protect your employees' health in the workplace.

An eco-system fit for workplace health.

Using our electronic, environmental and data engineering expertise we've built an eco-system of tough workplace wearables supporting a wide range of health risk sensors. By linking to cloud-based data analytics you can now reimagine risk control.

Use technology to drive change

No matter what the risk, the challenge is always to move away from a reliance on short term controls of 'last resort' towards those focused on prevention.

But until now, it's not always been easy to gather accurate and timely data from multiple places to inform decisions impacting 'top-level' controls.

Our workplace wearables provide immediate feedback to those exposed to risk at work, whilst the data gathered brings you greater insight. The insight to find efficiencies and successfully determine the most feasible and effective controls.

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Glowing reviews


We pride ourselves in both ensuring our technology offers compliance, and challenging the limitations of old standards to influence improvement. Our experts are members of BSI and participate in the ISO standards working groups who are actively developing the specifications around assessing human exposure to vibration. Our subject matter experts regularly support industry discussion by participating in a variety of occupational health conferences.

With Reactec Analytics you have a new in-house expert.

Tap into an intuitive dashboard of information without the need for costly outside interpretation. With Reactec Analytics, members of your team become the experts.

  • Automatic transfer of live health risk data from the field
  • Single platform view of multiple sources
  • Rapidly identify sources of exposure and prioritise high risk areas
  • Easy access to data to refine and better design controls
  • Review effectiveness of controls faster
  • Fully auditable and precedent set for use in defending civil claims.

Better extrapolate than never.

We're so confident you'll see immediate value we will support you on your journey. Start with a manageable sample. Then either extrapolate the data to aid your decisions, or scale up as and when you want. Here are some of the ways you might use the data:

Informing decisions on

  • Alternative work methods
  • Equipment selection
  • Maintenance & purchasing policy
  • Employee competency
  • Asset utilisation
  • Control measures

Reactec Ecosystem

Endorsed by the Institute of Occupational Medicine (IOM)

The IOM conducted an independent review into the validity of Reactec's HAVWEAR technology as a tool to inform HAV risk assessments. Watch this video to hear a discussion of the results or download their report below.

Deploy With Confidence 

We pride our selves in wanting to ensure that customers gain the best possible value from investing in Reactec's technology. From your initial engagement to Reactec we will advise on how best to deploy and then support you through the life of the products with a host of advise and training materials on not just how to use our equipment but how to be Prevention Engineers in your workplace.


Organisational resilience

Reactec have over 20 years' heritage of taking workplace wearables into arduous environments and seamlessly yet robustly managing critical personal health exposure data. All data management is GDPR compliant and is stored and transferred between devices in a robust and resilient way with the very latest encryption technologies. Both internally and with external authorities, we robustly and continuously validate the resilience and reliability of what we do.


Results speak for themselves

What does workplace health risk monitoring look like in action? Learn how some of our customers use Reactec technology to protect the health of their workforce.  

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