Creating Safer Working Environments

Alert workers to impending dangers and create geo-fenced exclusion zones

Reactec's advanced wearable technology can help you safeguard your workers from collisions with vehicles and heavy equipment.

In 2020/21, the HSE reported 441,000 workers sustaining non-fatal injuries at the workplace, with a tragic 142 workers being killed at work. 

Of those non-fatal injuries reported, 10% were struck by a moving object, either vehicle, material handling or other such equipment (

Reactec has designed workplace wearable technology to help you create safer working environments for your workforce. With over 20 years’ experience in preventing workplace health and safety issues, Reactec developed R-Link, our third generation workplace wearable with expanded functionality.


The R-Link eco-system and cloud-based analytics are easy to deploy, and simple to use. The advanced technology and expanded functionality includes:

Proximity Warnings: using the latest ultra-wideband technology for fast and accurate detection, the R-Link watch will alert workers of their proximity, keeping your workforce safe from straying too close to dangerous vehicles or equipment. Employee alerts alone is not enough. The powerful Reactec Analytics provide intelligent insights on the who, where and how often near misses occur, allowing you to prevent future incidents. Whether it be behaviours or workflow hot spots, gain the insight needed to create effective controls.

Access Restrictions: If you need to ensure that employees stick to specific work areas dependant on their responsibilities and authorisation, use R-Link to establish geo-fenced exclusion zones which will respond to a worker’s credentials. On a day-to-day basis, you can simply and easily control who can access different work areas.

How does it work?

Giving you an unprecedented view of your employees’ environment to deliver effective risk prevention

Reactec has the products to help you create safer working environments for your workforce. We provide an eco-system of hardware and analytics that gives you an unprecedented view of your employees’ environment to deliver effective risk prevention and open new avenues to improve operational efficiency and safety.

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