Lone Workers

Lone Worker support with RASOR

RASOR is a versatile product which can deliver lone worker support while acting as a gateway for Reactec’s ecosystem of workplace wearable sensors.

As a lone-worker solution it is best suited to companies who will benefit from the additional functionality of the device.

A connected worker device which captures H&S sensor data from integrated and nearby IOT enabled enabled sensors while supporting those working alone. An ideal companion device for H&S advisors visiting remote locations or for personnel in isolated areas within your site.

Man down, panic mode and check in functions are dependent upon mobile (GSM) signal availability.


What is the right lone worker device?

The type of device will depend on the user, nature of risks and where/how it will be used. For example, RASOR best suits mobile lone workers who are likely to need a device that includes GPS, “man-down” and check-in/out functionality.

Functions and services include the following.

Panic alarm. Triggered when the user needs to summon help from his direct supervisor who is alerted by a text message

“Man-down”. Man-down automatically sends an alarm to designated contacts in the event of a fall or sudden impact followed by by a lack of movement

Check-in/Check-out . Allows the user to set an alarm to trigger in the future should they fail to send a signal. Useful if the lone worker device is likely to be out of reach for a period of time such as a mobile phone dead spot. Future alarm time and details such as location and client are entered into the system ready to activate if the device is not disabled by the user

GPS technology. Provides accurate location details of the user. GPS is a satellite technology which can determine location in outdoor environments

Mobile phone technology. Sends alert and alarm messages from the RASOR to the Reactec Analytics to automatically by e-mail and text notify appropriate managers.

An eco-system of hardware and analytics that takes the guesswork out of lone working.

Lone workers can range from a construction worker alone for only a few minutes, a grounds maintenance crew member working out of sight, to a utility worker responding to call outs. Reactec has the products to help you in all these situations.

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Hierarchy of Control

How it works

Utilising mobile phone signals, RASOR can communicate an employee’s GPS tracked location and via Reactec’s Analytics, trigger a range of response level service packages for a tailored suite of alarms;

  • Check-in and Check-out;
  • Automatic Man-down;
  • User driven Panic.

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