Preventing Dust Related Industrial Diseases

The health impact from dust related industrial diseases

Dust Related Industrial Diseases

Effectively gather regular data on the volume of dust your employees are exposed to and intelligently assess if your risk assessments were valid and control measures are effective.

Your legal obligations ensure that you characterise your workers dust environment and the likelihood of them being exposed to dangerous substances. As we all know a costly exercise to create a moment in time perspective. But do you do it often enough and how typical was that moment in time assessment.

Advances in sensor technology mean that you need no longer worry. It is now possible to cost effectively, without the support of experts, gather data regularly on the volume of dust your employees are exposed to and intelligently assess if your risk assessments were valid and control measures are effective.

Easy and effective dust monitoring

By collaborating with leading dust monitor suppliers, Reactec are able to bring dust monitoring data seamlessly into a single analytics platform of multiple workplace risks - the Reactec Analytics.

The result, a more convenient and accessible way to monitor, measure and control occupational dust exposure, ensuring your workers aren't exposed to hazardous levels that could damage their health.


Using a dust monitor with Reactec Analytics:

Effectiveness of Controls

  • Remove guesswork with real-time assessment of risk
  • Identify the source of exposure and prioritise high risk areas
  • Tailored risk reports. Review controls and assess effectiveness

Efficient Risk Management 

  • Automatic and seamless data analysis
  • Automatic stakeholder engagement
  • GDPR compliant management of personal data
  • Real-time intervention

An ecosystem of hardware and analytics that takes the guesswork out of dust exposure.

Apply Reactec Prevention Engineering thinking with adequate real world data to prioritise efforts to substitute or eliminate the most important risks.

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How it works

Reactec are collaborating with Trolex, a specialist in dust monitoring, to integrate their sensor technology into the Reactec eco-system to ease record management and reporting of dust monitoring.

Tough hardware

The Trolex XD1+ is a revolutionary personal dust monitor that is changing the way we fight respiratory diseases at work.

The XD1+ delivers real-time alerts for fully customisable short-term exposure limit (STEL) and time-weighted average (TWA) measurements from a range of harmful particulates: PM1, PM2.5, PM4.25 to PM10.

Clever software

Reactec’s cloud-based analytics platform brings XD1+ exposure data to life by delivering real-time updates from individual workers to remote supervisors, and tracking respirable data, to determine where the highest concentration of dust exists in your workplace.

Dust Monitoring with Data Analytics

Learn how we're leveraging the latest XD1+ dust monitoring technology, with our Reactec Analytics software, to tackle exposure to harmful dust at work.  

Dust and the Hierarchy of Controls

Prevention engineering in the workplace

While there are many forms of PPE for hazardous dust they simply mitigate against the exposure risk and individuals may continue to take more risk than you would like.

Target your efforts

Reactec Analytics data enables you to strengthen your efforts and focus further up the hierarchy of controls targeting substitution and elimination for best return.

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