Combined exposures of noise and whole-body vibration and the effects on psychological responses, a review

Peer reviewed publication - Noise


The main purpose with this review was to shed some light over a rather unknown research area, the one that concerns the combined effects of noise and WBV. Since many workers such as the tree harvester described at the beginning of the paper, are exposed everyday to noise and WBV and at the same time are under high mental load, it is important to gain more knowledge about this topic. 

Degraded cognitive performance during manoeuvring for example a heavy vehicle, may lead to injury or accidents. Furthermore, it is important to broaden the knowledge in this area since the international standards and regulations that govern acceptable occupational exposure levels for noise and WBV do not take into consideration possible interactions between these two stressors (ISO 1997a; ISO 1999), and neither do they provide guidelines that address the effects of noise or WBV exposure on mental tasks (ISO 1997a, 1997b; ISO 1999).

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