Study on effectiveness of social distancing equipment at construction sites

Conference paper - Social Distancing


Current methods to control social distance at worksites is using marker, tape, or barrier to label the distance of 2 m. However, at the practical worksite, due to the complexity and the nature of the tasks, it was difficult for the construction workers themselves who need to move constantly while completing their tasks to maintain the social distance. Furthermore, the variation in contacting time between workers within 2 m is still unknown and the importance for using monitoring devices to provide additional awareness need to be addressed. The purpose of this study is to investigate the effectiveness of the hand wear device with the Social Distancing function in maintaining the 2m distance and monitoring the contacting time (times for workers within 2m distance). The results also suggested that the total contacting time and average contacting time per worker with Social Distancing Equipment is decreased when compared with traditional social distancing control methods. The hand wear monitoring devices could be used as an effectiveness preventive measure against infectious diseases of workers at worksites.

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