A step forward for risk management technology

Take the next step in your journey towards preventing workplace risks.

R-Link: A Step Forward for Risk Management Technology

It’s time to take the next step on your journey towards preventing health issues in your workplace.

For twenty years, we’ve guided our customers as they’ve navigated complex legal landscapes, changing regulations, global crises, and the day-to-day challenges and opportunities that arise in the industries we serve. Through working with clients and partners across construction, rail, manufacturing, and countless other sectors for over two decades, we’ve had the unique opportunity to gain unprecedented and exclusive insight into how organisations, duty holders, and workers perceive and prevent workplace health issues, and how that’s changed over time.

Over the years, we’ve collected those insights and poured them into our research and development. We’ve been able to stay ahead of the field when it comes to building partnerships and launching products and features that we know our customers will use, and love.

That’s why, when we created our latest product - the successor to our trusted HAVWEAR - we felt a responsibility to create something truly special, and innovative.

Introducing: R-Link.

R-Link is the next step on your journey from being a mitigator of workplace risk, towards becoming a prevention engineer. The R-Link watch has been designed specifically to stand up to the rigours of construction sites and heavy industry while offering an easy and familiar user experience. By creating an interface that people are instantly comfortable with from their use of smartphones or smartwatches, we’ve created a resilient device that looks and feels like something you’ve already been using for years.

When it comes to functionality, R-Link is truly in a class by itself. This is a device built for purpose, with purpose. Initially launched with HAVS exposure and an ability to warn of proximity to danger, R-Link will ultimately contemplate your universe of risk, and include geofencing, lone worker, employee messaging, evacuation, and mustering, and more. As with HAVWEAR, R-Link will provide real-time alerts to notify workers of unsafe exposure levels to any number of known workplace threats.

R-Link will be supported by the powerful Reactec Analytics that our customers have known and relied upon for years, ensuring that organisations, duty holders, and workers can all access vital information and insight, as quickly as possible. Reactec’s world-class Analytics will enable

R-Link users to shorten the distance between insight and action - meaning the decisions that our customers make on the ground or in the office will be based on the most reliable, most accurate information available.

R-Link Features and Benefits:

HAVS: Based on Reactec’s proven and validated Hand-Arm Vibration monitoring methodology, which has seen over 100,000 employees across the UK protected, R-Link easily and reliably measures workers’ exposure to HAV and ensures simple, effective monitoring by providing workers with real-time data about their exposure to vibration from tool use.

Dangerous Proximity: Keep your workers safe from proximity to dangerous locations or vehicles with R-Link. By alerting workers to unsafe proximity in real-time, R-Link not only offers immediately actionable insight, but also provides an overview of near-misses, enabling you to refine your controls more effectively.

Reactec Analytics: R-Link is powered by Reactec’s industry-leading Analytics, which provide data-driven insight to organisations, empowering them to understand their risk environment easily and reliably. Reports are generated automatically and circulated to duty holders for effortless, effective risk management.

Coming soon . . .

Geofencing: Monitor and prevent unauthorised entry into restricted areas with cutting-edge geofencing technology.

Lone Worker Support: With man-down alerts, check in/checkout capabilities, and panic mode functionality, you can help ensure the safety of workers operating alone or in the field.

Employee Messaging: Empower workers with easy, familiar messaging to enable two-way communication and help ensure information is transmitted when and where you need it.

Evacuation and Mustering: R-Link makes it easy for you to account for your employees during an evacuation and mustering situation.

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