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Getting the most from your Reactec Analytics

Are you using Reactec Analytics to its full potential?

There are many factors that a business must consider when it invests into an Analytics platform or solution. The best Analytics offerings are ultra-secure, easy to adopt and deploy, and they make it easier for teams to collect, store, and analyse important data. Reactec Analytics is industry-defining technology that organisations around the world rely upon every day to unlock their business insights, and drive better decision-making.

In this article, we’ll review the basics of Reactec Analytics, and explain how your team can leverage the full power of this incredible technology to fully understand your risk environment, and take confident action towards protecting the health and safety of your workforce.

Collecting and analysing data from multiple sources of risk

Reactec Analytics is purpose built, cloud-powered technology that provides an unrivalled amount of on-demand data without any need for additional IT infrastructure or resources. Because teams can adopt and deploy Reactec Analytics quickly, you’ll have access to critical data from day one, which you can use to immediately review or refine controls and improve ways of working.

Plus, Reactec Analytics can collect and analyse data for a wide range of workplace risks, including exposure to Hand-Arm Vibration, occupational noise, dust, and dangerous proximity. There is no other product available which covers all of these workplace risks in a single platform. With this incredible amount of information, your team can overlay data from multiple sources of workplace risks to create in depth risk profiles which identify where certain activities - such as concrete cutting, for example - might expose a worker to interconnected or overlapping risk from vibration, noise, dust, and/or dangerous proximity. Through this unprecedented level of insight, Reactec Analytics provides you with the most complete picture of your workplace risk environment.

Infusing insight where your teams need it most

Getting the most from Reactec Analytics means infusing insight where your teams need it most. Some businesses link Reactec Analytics to their health surveillance and screening processes. This makes it possible for them to more closely monitor the exposure of certain workers, such as those with a history of injury, or those with concerning symptoms. With this additional insight, teams can take more proactive steps to better protect the health and safety of such workers. And where unnecessary exposure to risk is being caused by tools or equipment themselves, or by site layout, Reactec Analytics will help you identify these issues. 

Tool reports in Reactec Analytics can identify otherwise unknown defects in equipment: For example, if a tool is found to have a high vibration score and no user-error is detected, your team can investigate the condition of the tool and take corrective action before significant damage is caused. And with the data from R-Link’s proximity detection technology, Reactec Analytics can easily identify site hotspots, bottlenecks, and near-misses, enabling your team to reconsider your site controls.

When it comes to using R-Link and Reactec Analytics for better tool and site management, the best way to understand just how robust and impactful this technology can be for your team is to review our “Day in the Life” series. In this article, we follow a typical construction crew through a standard shift to highlight exactly how R-Link and Reactec Analytics helps them to create a safer, healthier workplace by monitoring their risk from exposure to various sources.

Prioritising health and safety at an organisational level

Ultimately, getting more from your investment in any health and safety technology, process, or system is about making sure these important programmes are prioritised across your organisation. With the Reactec API Integration, you can easily feed the data from Reactec Analytics directly into corporate “Zero Harm” initiatives and Board-level reporting. Instead of looking at insular or individual locations, projects, or offices, your teams can look holistically at a wide range of data and analysis that provides a much broader, more complete picture of your total health and safety landscape.

Reactec Analytics is designed to make it easier for your team to prioritise worker health and safety. By overlaying data from multiple sources of risk, you’ll have a complete picture of your risk environment, and a clear sense of direction for how to refine your controls or adjust ways of working to maximise impact and minimise exposure to risk.

To learn more about Reactec Analytics and how it works with our ecosystem of workplace wearable technology, you can visit this page.

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