Reactec Analytics API Integration

Streamlining Health and Safety Efforts Across Your Business

New Reactec Analytics API Integration

At the end of 2023, we launched our brand new Reactec Analytics API integration. This release was specifically designed to help teams infuse their approach to health and safety throughout their entire organisation, by empowering them to easily connect their Reactec Analytics with their Management Information Systems (MIS).

In this article, we’ll explore more about how this game-changing API Integration can transform the way you collect and analyse your risk management data, and help you achieve company-wide health and safety goals.

What is an API Integration?

An API Integration is a method of connecting applications or systems within an organisation. Such applications include sales platforms, resource planning software, or marketplaces, for example. Ultimately, an API Integration is deployed to ensure that data from otherwise disparate applications can be freely and easily exchanged. 

With an API Integration, data sharing that has traditionally been manual instantly transforms into an automatic process that enables easier, faster communication between key business units, projects, and systems. The result is more accurate, more accessible data that teams can use to inform more reliable business decisions.

How can the Reactec Analytics API Integration support your team?

The data captured by R-Link, which includes valuable information regarding individual employees’ exposure to risk from vibration and dangerous proximity, is transformed by Reactec’s Analytics into actionable intelligence that teams are using every day to improve their approach to occupational risk management.

And now, the Reactec Analytics API Integration allows your team to integrate data from your Reactec Analytics with your Management Information Systems. The Integration was designed in response to requests from customers who wanted to infuse the insights they get from Reactec’s powerful Analytics platform into their wider operations, to support company-wide health and safety goals.

For example, organisations can use the Integration to support “Zero Harm” initiatives with concrete, representative data from a wide range of operations and projects. Instead of looking at insular or individual locations, projects, or offices, teams can look holistically at a wide range of data and analysis that provides a much broader, more complete picture of their total health and safety landscape.

Ultimately, this Integration makes it possible for teams to adopt a more confident, more productive, and more efficient approach to health and safety on an organisational level.

How to deploy the API Integration in your business:

To begin reaping the benefits of this powerful API Integration, you’ll need to install a series of protocols which will enable your MIS to connect with Reactec Analytics. Generally, this is a straightforward process that can be accomplished quickly with the right support. To get started, a member of our expert team will guide you through the steps necessary for a successful install.

Once the Reactec Analytics API Integration is complete, you can log into your secure, MFA-protected developer’s portal to access the instructions for how to most effectively use it within your organisation. Of course, Reactec will be available every step of the way to ensure that you’re getting as much as possible from this invaluable Integration.

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