Reactec Analytics API Integration

Driving connectedness and operational efficiency with API integration

New Reactec Analytics API Integration

For over two decades, Reactec has supported connectedness across organisations looking for a better approach to health and safety, and risk management.

By offering teams the ability to monitor their exposure to potentially dangerous sources of risk in real time, Reactec has long empowered teams to take better control of their risk environment. But the real power of Reactec’s solution has always been to help teams uncover deeper insights that drive better decision-making and improve health and safety outcomes for workers. 

Reactec’s powerful Analytics platform is what makes this possible: by automatically collecting and collating data about individual workers’ exposure to risk from a variety of sources, including vibration, noise, dust and hazard proximity, Reactec Analytics is the driving force behind forward-thinking teams’ ability to get even more from their health and safety efforts.

And now, this December, Reactec will release an API Integration, designed to help teams take the next step toward infusing their approach to health and safety throughout their organisation.

Below, we outline the basics of an API Integration, and review the benefits that your team can expect when they deploy the Reactec Analytics API Integration.

What is an API integration, and how can it help my team?

Put simply, an API integration is a connection. Specifically, it’s a connection between two or more software applications that makes it possible for those systems to exchange data. For example, if your organisation installed an API integration for Salesforce and QuickBooks, your team could use this integration to easily, automatically share financial data metrics with your sales team. This would empower increased collaboration between two key business units, and help you identify specific areas that need extra attention, or which offer untapped potential. Such an integration would also enhance efficiencies for both teams by de-siloing data that’s most valuable when it’s manipulated and viewed in one place. 

Reactec Analytics is an application, just like Salesforce or QuickBooks, though it does something very different! With our new API integration, you’ll be able to effortlessly connect your Reactec Analytics with your Management Information Systems (MIS).

Key benefits of the Reactec Analytics API Integration

When you connect your Reactec Analytics directly to your MIS, you’ll instantly unlock a new level of insight and context that you can use to elevate your business operations and drive even more informed decision-making with regards to your health and safety environment. Specifically, with the Reactec Analytics API integration, you’ll see benefits across the following areas:

Improved corporate visibility of workplace health and safety risks

One way to guarantee that you’re getting as much as possible from your Reactec Analytics is by ensuring that the right people, teams, and departments have visibility into the insights and data that the platform generates. Increased data visibility is known to accelerate speed to insight, increase competitive edge, and facilitate end-to-end improvement of systems and processes.

Automated, streamlined processes

API integrations enable data syncing across apps, which means that your teams can automate more processes and reduce dependency on manual data entry or updating which, in turn, reduces errors and enhances data accuracy and quality. By implementing the Reactec Analytics API Integration, you’ll streamline your systems and processes while ensuring greater data integrity across multiple platforms.

Centralised information for a single source of health and safety truth

Historically, teams across industries like construction and manufacturing have been slow to digitise, often storing key health and safety data across a number of so-called data silos. Reactec Analytics empowers teams to work toward a more centralised approach with regard to risk management. The Reactec Analytics API Integration takes this one step further, empowering teams to exchange data between key operational platforms, making it possible to focus even more critical insight and resources toward your organisation’s health and safety programmes, questions, and challenges.

The Reactec Analytics API Integration is a step forward for teams looking to take their risk management and compliance efforts to the next level. By integrating the data from your Reactec Analytics with your Management Information Systems, you’ll infuse your approach to health and safety throughout your key platforms and teams. Such an effort will improve connectedness and collaboration, driving better decision-making and, ultimately, better health and safety outcomes across your organisation.

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